Jun 302017

NASA Denies Conspiracy Theory About Kidnapped Children Working As Mars Colony Slaves

If you haven’t heard about this, you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED to hear that it revolves around Alex Jones. He had a guest on his radio show who claimed that NASA was shipping child slave labor to Mars colonies because, well, reasons. Normally NASA ignores this sort of nonsense, but this time they responded. I suspect they did so not because of a perceived need to set the record straight, but because it’s funny.


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  • Rick

    but when Elon Musk, hypercapitalist and real life Lex Luthor, creates his own corporate-store Mars colony, what will happen then? hmm? HMM? What about space lizards?!

    Sigh, Alex Jones is no Art Bell.

  • Packers34

    He was a guest on the show, and Alex Jones didn’t agree with him or thought he was telling the truth. Alex, unlike certain #fakenewsnetworks, will allow people with almost any opinion to come on, whether he agrees with them or not. An if someone told me there was a child slave labor on Mars, I would still find that more credible than anything that comes out of that scammer Elon’s mouth. Oh you made a rocket that lands vertically? McDonnel Douglas says hello. You made an electric car? We literally had prototypes in the late 19th century of those. Other than Paypal, his business is pretty much “make non-efficient hipster electric cars on the back of taxpayers using government support, oh and throwing out outrageous shit like underground freeways, airtube monorails and people going to Mars every few months to keep himself in the spotlight and then never acting on any of said ideas because he knows he can’t make any of them himself”

    • cygnus_darkstar

      Ah, one must admit that obsessives do add a certain spice to life.

      Claiming that SpaceX regularly recovering and reusing orbital LV 1st stages is worthless because of some abortive tests with a minimally functional testbed is a bit like claiming the Wright brothers were worthless because of George Cayley’s experiments.

  • Bob

    I knew it! I knew it! It’s about time somebody shined some light on that dark corner!

  • Tobias Funke

    Technically, NASA has children working on Mars.

    Curiosity is 7/8 years old…