Jun 292017

Teen YouTuber Shoots and Kills Boyfriend in Video Stunt, Police Say

The stunt? That old classic… hold a book up in front of your chest and have your girlfriend shoot you in the heart with a pistol. With the right book and the right pistol, this might be survivable. The book used? A volume of an encyclopedia. So… not necessarily the worst choice. I’ve seen some beefy encyclopedia volumes. The pistol? A .22 would probably be good. A .380 might be survivable. A 9mm… you’re starting to stretch your luck. So what’d they actually use?

A Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE.

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  • sferrin


  • Paul451

    A Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE.

    Frankly I’m surprised the girlfriend survived.

  • xvdougl

    I wonder if either of them had a carry permit. If so it’s another argument for how worthless that whole unconstitutional system is.

    • Brianna

      If they were in their own home, carry permits would be irrelevant anyway.

  • Peter Hanely

    The phrases “weapons grade stupidity” and “terminal stupidity” come to mind.

  • Chris Jones

    Unfortunately for Darwin, the shooter/girlfriend already has one child by her (now ex-) boyfriend and another on the way, so the genes live on.

    • Scottlowther

      You know me, I’m all about optimism and finding the bright side. In this case, chances are good that if Darwin hadn’t played his hand, those two offspring would have been only the first of many.

      Besides… how sure are we really that these two are really Dumbass Junior? Might’ve come from another donor. Which of course means there could well be many unknown Dumbass Juniors running around elsewhere…

  • John Nowak

    I’ve been watching a lot of Poirot recently, and I’m having mental images of Suchet saying, “But then, mademoiselle, you changed the blanks for live ammunition…”

    But more seriously, the dumb required for this is mind-boggling.

  • Rick

    Some of these are so lame, I suspect it was really murder and the BS story is made up to try to avoid legal consequences.

    • Paul451

      Having a video of the entire event probably helped corroborate the story.