Jun 192017

Here’s something interesting on eBay:

AQM-37C Jayhawk Real Target Drone. Full size. Not a mock up.


The AQM-37 used a hypergolic liquid rocket motor, which I would imagine isn’t included here. With some effort I imagine it could be replaced with a hybrid rocket motor and turned into the most badass RC airplane around.


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  • Herp McDerp

    Is that on display in a toy store?

    Does not have the original engine or plumbing from fuel tanks or to engine assembly.

    • philo_t

      Actually, it looks like it’s hanging up in a bicycle shop.
      You know, where airplanes were invented.

  • Peter Hanely

    You might want to look up a Bruce Simpson, aka Xjet, who gained notoriety some years back with a project to build a cruise missile in his garage. The security theater people took an instant dislike to him.

    • Rick

      I never did get the backyard pulsejet book I ordered nearly a decade ago either. Got the download but it was right about when claims of Iranian interest and the interference of two governments rained down on the poor guy.
      I bet I got on some rather interesting “watch lists” for being one of his customers.

  • Rick

    dammit already gone. I still plan on, when I retire, scratchbuilding a RC SLAM ( I still need to order whatever blueprints and photos on the thing are available here) which seems pretty close in profile to this drone. Would’ve been relatively easy to modify it.

    Problem with this one is it being a rocket. No air intake for jets, whether functional turbojet or really big ducted fan. No flight endurance unless it’s a boost glider but those wings say “nope” to glide ratios