Jun 012017

Tonight I tapped out the final sentence on my tome. All told… 137,000 words, or about 450 pages in a standard novel format. Yeesh.

And then came the question… “now what.” I’m going to spend the next few months editing, which will probably mostly entail making relatively minor corrections. Then it’ll get passed on and supposedly, hopefully, read by A Science Fiction Author Y’all Have Heard Of. Hopefully he’ll not throw it in the trash. And then… who knows. Maybe it’ll be good.

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  • Knigh26

    Congratulations. If you need advice or a beta reading I’d be happy to help. If you decide to go the KDP self publishing route I have a tutorial I wrote that will help with formatting as well.

  • Kbob42

    I have seen novels on Kickstarter.com do well. Mainly because they have low and reasonable goals.

  • publiusr