May 312017

Not so much:

Texas Democrat Threatens To Kill Republican On Legislative Floor After He Called ICE On Protesting Illegal Immigrants

The headline pretty much nails it. A bunch of self-acknowledged criminals were protesting in Austin, Texas, and apparently causing trouble, so Representative Matt Rinaldi called the authorities, in this case ICE. This seemed to annoy Representative Poncho Nevarez. From there claims are contradictory, but *apparently* Nevarez threatened to “get” Rinaldi on his way to his car, and Rinaldi responded by stating he would defend himself with a gun. Scuffling and good times ensue.

Given the current advocacy for violence on the part of so many on the Left, this seems like just the beginning of this sort of thing.


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  • Bob

    We’re basically in a Civil War just like 1860 it’s just that nobody has started shooting (yet).

    • Scottlowther

      Also consider that Back Then, the lines between the two sides could be reasonably drawn on a map. now… not so much.

      • sferrin

        The plus side is that one side has done everything they can to disarm their population and make them ashamed of the mere concept of defending one’s self.

        • Brianna

          Something tells me that if it ever comes to a shooting war, the far right will be equivalent to the Nazis in the leftists’ minds, and OK targets for aggression. After all, just look at college campuses.

      • Bob

        Civil War 2 will be more like what happened in Bosnia during the 90’s. There are plenty of Red people in the Blue areas and plenty of Blue people in the Red areas. It will be more fluid. You’ll be exchanging shots with the people across the street instead of trying to capture Richmond or Washington DC.

        • sferrin

          Hopefully when (not if) it kicks off it’ll be with Republican control of the government. Last thing we need is the US Military forcing SJW nonsense on the population. We really would be screwed then.

        • James

          And You get a war crime! And YOU get a war crime!

      • Michael

        I once had a professor of Russian history comment that the Russian Revolution was so bloody because there was no way to “see” who was on what side, and there were no obvious geographical centers of either side.

  • publiusr

    Get ‘im..we gonna fite!

  • Rick

    shoulda bodyslammed him and blamed Trump. that sorta thing flies today.