May 302017


St. Louis police sell surplus weapons, including Tommy guns, for $1.2 million

Some of the 27 Tommyguns in question:

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  • allen

    here in small-town NH the local police maintain a fairly large arsenal of older guns. there are at least 2 dozen M14’s, 8 BAR’s, and what has been described to me as either a vickers or a maxim water-cooled machinegun. it’s all functional as far as I know, but none of it has been out of the walk-in safe for probably 50 years.

    • B-Sabre

      It’s probably a Browning water-cooled M1917 machine gun. There were a few American-made Maxims prior to WW1 but they would be collector’s items. Same for the few Vickers made in the US. If they have either, your department could probably buy 3-4 police cruisers for what they could get for the guns.

      • allen

        it’s been described to me as having an all-brass water jacket, and all shined up. I’m not sure what the M1917 water jacket was made of, but I have never seen one displayed as shined brass. it wouldn’t have to be american made either..there were a lot of imports of those over the years, not to mention the war bring-backs. who knows where it came from.

        they’d likely only be able to sell them to other police departments, depending on how they were registered..assuming they have been registered at all. which significantly lowers their value.

        the M14’s they got directly from the Army back in the 1980’s, and they’re probably “on permanent loan”. the rest…purchased? confiscated? turn-ins? I doubt even they know.

        • B-Sabre

          M1917’s mostly had a steel water jacket with brass caps until the Second World War, when they went to all steel. A smooth, solid brass water jacket was a feature of some Vickers guns during the interwar period, and the Vickers was built under license in .30-06 in the US during the First World War. That’s why I think it might be a license copy and not strictly an import – expense in that time frame (think about shipping charges then versus now…I can send something to the UK dirt cheap in the belly of a jetliner versus the cargo hold of a steamer then) and whether Vickers was actually selling in a caliber that would be useful in the US (not belted .303…).
          Without pictures there’s no real way to tell….including the fact that they made water-cooled .50 Brownings at one point…

  • xvdougl

    Aren’t the police supposed to grab all the shootin’ irons and give us cash for them? Oh right, it’s a profit deal.

  • publiusr

    You can’t have it see! Those are mine and Lefties.
    Rocky doesn’t like that nyarh….

  • Rick

    and they’re all *transferrable*? this is gonna be a ferocious auction. Id pimp my wife AND myself for a Chicago Typewriter.