May 302017

Thanks to a blog reader for pointing this out. Once again, someone apparently incapable of doing actual science, technology, engineering or math is using the jargon of science in order to further the goals of anti-science rubbish. The possibility exists that this is another Sokal hoax at the expense of leftist nonsense, but if so they seem to be going to a lot of bother.

Feminist researcher invents ‘intersectional quantum physics’ to fight ‘oppression’ of Newton

Let’s read from this Masterpiece Of Science For The Ages, shall we:

Assembled Bodies
Reconfiguring Quantum Identities

I invest in Donna Haraway’s claim that “what counts as an object is precisely what world history turns out to be about” (quoted in Barad 2007, 42); that is, politics are about the hierarchies of what connections, or closenesses, are prioritized as bodily. All bodies are political gatherings, as what is understood as closely related, kin, the measured, congealing intersections of phenomena (social identity, histories, water, particles) considered legible/intelligible/singularized is always a political configuration, with systems and apparatuses (e.g., colonial sciences or clarity fetishism) set up to recognize these prioritized configurations/ separations (a “cut together/apart” in Barad’s words [2010, 240]), naturalizing insidious assumptions and hierarchies of value. And so “connect[ing] what’s been dangerously disconnected” (Rich 1987, 214) is directly political. Re/cognizing the connective/constellatory bodies typically not understood as connected (e.g., across disciplines) allows for embellishing alliances not following rules of typically understood closeness or kinship (space, time, social category, eugenic lineage) while also not discounting differing mattering realities (steeped categorizations). And, possibly, deprioritizing particularly naturalized, fetishizing borders has potentials for destabilizing structures that enable hierarchical othering (which justifies sociopolitical oppression and material-discursive violence).

Quantum physics disrupts the stagnancies of typically humanly recognized bodies. In quantum understandings, particles (classically understood as stagnant objects) also have wavelike properties, diffract, leap, and are quantumly entangled.

And. So. On.

Ummm. To me, this *sure* reads a whole lot like someone who’s just slapping together word salad in the hopes of creating another Sokal Affair. But these days, who knows… this could just as easily, perhaps even more easily, be another “Gender Studies” hack Deepak-Chopra-ing some quantum nonsense together in the hopes of sounding smart. I mean, come on… does this sound like GenderBlather, or someone parodying GenderBlather?

I specifically utilize feminist new materialist discussions of quantum physics and cyborgian posthumanism (Haraway 1985), along with seemingly separated discussions of noncentralized leadership practices and anti-oppression organizing, subaltern studies, intersectional identity politics, and safer space.

I just can’t tell anymore.

Now, I haven’t read the whole thing. Because, preponderance of evidence perhaps to the contrary, I do have some semblance of a life. But what I’ve read just keeps going in this fashion. And I just can’t tell if this is serious or satire anymore. In an age when people dress up in black, hide thier identities and go out into the streets in mobs in order to commit acts of bloody violence against people who simply disagree with them politically, and they have the astonishing chutzpah to call themselves “anti-fascist…” well, irony seems to be not just dead, but shot through the head with a deer slug, chopped up with a saws-all, soaked in a plastic tub full of nitric acid until it’s just a stew, fed through an incinerator and the ashes mixed in with the solid propellants of a Space Launch System booster rocket and then test fired out in the desert.

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  • Herp McDerp

    It’s not a hoax. Check out her CV — her entire academic career has been built around this stuff.

    • Peter Hanely

      That one person is this messed up doesn’t so much bother me. That enough people are messed up for her to build an “academic” career out of this nonsense is terrifying.

      • Herp McDerp

        Not just an academic career. There are entire academic departments at most major universities based on crap like this. The word “Studies” in the name of the department is a strong indication of bogosity.

        • publiusr

          I really fear for Engineering schools. They wind up being linked to environmental studies and everything else.

  • Mattm

    I thinks SpongeBob speaks for us all here.

  • George Allegrezza

    I and my team spend our days trying to drill through incredibly dense material written by scientists and engineers in order to convert it to simpler prose understandable by mere mortals. Thus I consider myself pretty good at parsing sentences and teasing the meaning out of complex concepts.

    But this . . is claptrap, pure and simple. Try and break down some of these sentences. Honestly you can’t do it. If this isn’t trolling then Utrecht, a pretty prestigious university, has some splainin to do about their faculty standards.

    Seriously though, trying to wade through this will make your head asplode.

  • Rick

    this is the same sort of crap as “witchcraft” but for those who want to add lots of scientific sounding words to it.

    Quantum physics as mis-understood by the layman allows for multiple states until observation “locks” the state in. Because at tiny levels, any mechanism we use for observation necessarily causes issues. Electrons in a scope will affect particles we observe. Subatomics detected in particle accelerators are observed outside their natural state and only after much energy has been added.

    the bigger mistake is the perception that the opposite is true. that by observation we choose the state. Basically, the “witchcraft” we’ve been deriding over the last weeks, or the “power of faith” that is a constant source of amusement.

    this particular article fails in Science-ing in many ways, but in the absolute most critical: it is a Result looking for Observation to corroborate it. Not Observation to see “what really happens” or anything remotely like “testing a hypothesis”.

    • publiusr

      There will be a section of crystals–different ways of knowing and–no doubt–will be lectured on how we should all call three-hundred pounders who eat Ho-Hos goddesses.

  • FelixA9

    I’ll be she calls conservatives “science deniers”.

  • publiusr

    And you just had to have SLS involved in this.. Ha!

    I was thinking maybe this was an chatterbot or something from the Trekbbs…There are some posters there that make me wonder.