May 252017

There seem to be two primary ways to tell if a forthcoming movie or TV series is going to be bad:

  1. The released materials – photos, descriptions, clips, trailers, etc. – just look or read as “bad”
  2. The people promoting the show start putting plans in place to downplay how awful it is, or to explain away a forthcoming disaster.

With Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve had a whole lot of #1. The disregard for established continuity, the jarring design elements, the apparent lack of any actual familiarity with Star Trek on the part of the people behind the show have led a *lot* or people to conclude that this STD is gonna burn.

But now they’re entering into Phase 2. Specifically… the “Ghostbusters 2016” playbook of “let’s blame the fans:”

Racist Star Trek Fans Decry Discovery‘s Diversity, Revealing They Know Nothing About Star Trek

Yeah, that’ll certainly help fix the problem. Someone doesn’t like your show? Call them a racist or a sexist. It worked *so* well for Ghostbusters 2016.



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  • sferrin

    I thought io9 was part of Gawker media? (I’d hoped it meant the end of io9 and that other lame ass site “Foxtrotaplha”.)

    • James

      That place went from a actual new site to crap after their main writer left.

  • allen

    yup it’s going to suck. I still think they went after Axanar because they knew that wasn’t going to suck. what they should have done is gone to the axanar people and said “you’re hired. full creative freedom and a budget. make us a series star trek fans and non-fans will love”

    • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

      But isn’t axanar the one with the Dentist who can’t act as Kirk?

      • allen

        axanar doesn’t have kirk in it at all.

  • publiusr

    I didn’t hate the all women ghostbusters at all. I might have changed things to where it was all about possessed mannequins.

    • allen

      I wish they had just done a “handing over the reigns” instead of a reboot. I don’t care that it was all women, I care that they took a good movie and tried to just paste this one over the top of it.

      • Doug Pirahna

        Agreed, I think it would have been better if it was Ghostbusters:TNG, the women could have been kids during the original movies and decided to take over after the original crew went missing or quit, etc.

        • allen

          I heard one of the original scripts was for the “backup crew”..auxiliaries, kids, ect, going to rescue the original team after they got sucked into a different dimension. at the end of the movie it was supposed to be “we’re getting to old to do this anymore..your turn” and the originals would stay on as advisors, doing cameos and passing on critical plot points in later movies.

          this may have been the script that bill murray shredded and returned.

  • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

    Spot on, Discovery is another Ghostbusters 2016

  • For a show that’s supposed to throw out the prequels, it looks suspiciously exactly like the prequels. Their choice of starting out in the family zone on the bridge of these ships also sounds forced and leaves out much possibility for a development arc.