May 182017

“The Dark crystal” is just… odd. Ain’t no gettin’ past that. It’s sufficiently odd that I’ve always been amazed that it got greenlit and released way back in 1982 (yay! 35 years ago! I feel old yet again!!!!!). in the decades (sigh…)since, there have been numerous rumors of a sequel movie, but nothing ever came to pass. Now, though, it looks like Netflix is busily working away on a *prequel* series.

Reportedly, they’re doing it right… practical effects & puppets, with just a smidgeon of CGI. It might be easier to do the whole thing CGI… and that would make the series immediately forgettable. If they are true to the original, this could end up being a hell of a thing.

Interestingly: “Dark Crystal” could have been even more bizarre. As originally shot, the Skeksis didn’t speak English, but their own language, with subtitles. But apparently test audiences didn’t care for that, so they were re-dubbed into English. Not long after, Reverend Jim was speaking Klingon for good stretches of Star Trek III, and quite a bit after, the Elves and Orks were babbling away in their own languages, proving that audiences really didn’t have a problem with fantasy characters speaking fantasy languages.

As a child of the 80’s… I approve.

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  • Adam

    Don’t you turn 50 years of age in 2 years?

    • publiusr

      I’m 51 this Sept.

  • Macguffin

    the past few weeks have had a lot of cool announcements for nerd stuff, Netflix is also making a tv series based off of the Witcher books, Rebellion announced that there making a Judge Dredd tv series, and Mike Mignola is co-writing a script for a Hellboy reboot with David Harbour (the sheriff from Stranger Things) to play Hellboy !

  • Thalesourus

    Age of “Resistance”. Should attract the anti-Trumpers.