May 102017


In short: Leon Balfour Jr., a 16 year old “kid,” decided it would be a fine and witty jape to pick up an old lady, body slam her onto the concrete, then throw her into a swimming pool (after potentially bashing her head in and wrecking her shoulder). One might think “hmm, that sure sounds like attempted murder to me,” but, nope.

Marvel at the ballsiness of the family lawyer claiming that not only is this a “good kid,” but that “his family is a good family.” Yes, his family is so good that his father, Leon Balfour, will be a guest of the Florida penal system until at least 2027 due to a slight incident of first degree murder.

And to be sure, Leon here will be made to pay. Why, he’s under home detention! Sure, he’ll still be allowed to travel with his basketball team, but hey. Home detention. For three whole agonizing weeks.

A note: this 16-year-old was able to pick up and haul around an old lady. Trayvon Martin, long portrayed in the media by way of photos from when he was 12, was 17 when he was shot while bashing George Zimmermans head into the concrete sidewalk. The point: anyone who thinks that “teenager” equates to “small helpless child” has apparently not seen a whole lot of teenagers these days. Or any days.

But hey. Rejoice, friends! The children are or future. In the video, pay attention to more than the kid assaulting the lady. Pay attention to the partygoers. The ones calling out “throw her in” beforehand. The ones laughing afterwards. In just a few short years (or even months), they will be old enough to vote and hold down jobs.

Our nations future is secure.

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  • Pantagruel

    “I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.” – Homer Simpson

  • Robbie

    Pieces of human trash like that should be sent to work at the Lunar helium3 mines until they drop dead.

  • FelixA9

    Vote maybe but they’ll never hold jobs. Welfare or prison for sure.

  • Small, but violent crimes like this are the reasons why I think bringing back corporal punishment (flogging, caning) would be an outstanding idea.

    • Michael

      For a very long time I have felt that the answer is to sterilize all
      felons. There appears to be no punishment that teaches them anything
      at all.

  • Herp McDerp

    Home detention. For three whole agonizing weeks.

    Will anyone check up on the mischievous tyke to ensure that he obeys the court order? I fear for his safety if he disobeys the judge — it’s clear that others in his family occasionally mix with a bad crowd, and accidents can happen. It would be a shame if this promising young lad were hit by a stray bullet when he was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be, wouldn’t it?

    • publiusr

      Truth be told–this would have been called a hate crime had the roles been reversed…even if she was a busy body, though she did have a little-bit of that Elizabeth Warren “I want to speak to your manager” look. Poor thing.

  • Bob

    If I did something like that they wouldn’t even give me a trial. They’d just throw me in the hole and forget me. That is if the villagers didn’t lynch me out of hand first.