Apr 302017

A clever solution to the age-old problem of how to make a fully automatic crossbow. Obviously external power (in the form of a cordless drill) is needed; the device is perhaps more of a slingshot than a crossbow since it uses rubber bands rather than a steel bow. Still, one can see how a true full auto crossbow capable of penetrating the armor of those pesky invading Mongols or Turks can be devised using this system as a basis.

What would be unrealistically spiffy: a system where each crossbow bolt had its own built-in battery or capacitor. Each bolt in turn would completely discharge its power supply into the crossbow; that power would be used to operate the mechanics. This way, the full weight of the battery needed to operate the system would not need  to be carried at all times; the weight of the battery would form part of the weight of the bolt itself. But this might lead to excessively expensive bolts. And of course a true replaceable box magazine would be a good addition.

Plus, one can never get tired of the true supervillain laughter of a man who takes joy and pride in the construction of fully automatic deadly weapons that manage to circumvent the laws of his native Germany.

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  • John Nowak

    I’m sort of reminded of the terrible film Van Helsing, where the hero used a fully automatic crossbow powered pneumatically.

    Why they didn’t just make it a fully automatic pneumatic gun, I don’t know.

    • publiusr

      As long as you have external power–best simply to have rollers–not unlike the baseball “throwing” machines.

      Here is a kicker. Have the crossbows made by the thing. If you have ever seen steel tubes made–they often start out as heavy gauge banding, and there are these sets of intermediate rollers that coax/persuade the steel to form tubes–and then eject them as they are cut.

      But why stop there?

      How about melting steel right into the rollers:

      So now you have a self-mining asteroid firing tube steel cross-bows at Earth all in one operation.

  • First-Light

    Brilliant, almost elegant and defiantly silly – I would luv to have one.