Apr 292017

The Magnus Effect is lift generated by a rotating sphere/cylinder/cone/spindle/whatever while in forward motion.  Spin a spanwise cylinder properly, the relative airspeed over the top of the “wing” will be higher than under the “bottom,” with the consequent lift that would be expected from womens and gender studies basic aeronautics. People have been looking at building aircraft using rotating cylinders for the wings for over a century now; and while the idea is interesting, the weight and complexity, coupled with drag and other issues, have over-ridden any perceived advantages. Still, as this video showing the considerable efforts a guy went to to make an RC airplane using spinning Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets for wings shows, *if* you can make a functional Magnus Effect aircraft, you might be able to perform some interesting maneuvers. And possibly even intentionally

And because why not, here’s another Magnus Effect video. But this one… welll… it seems a tad lacking in the “wisdom” department, but definite winner in the “hold my beer and watch this” department.




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  • Irek7

    It is energy insufficient.

  • Bruce

    Makes you wonder if he put vanes in the buckets like some of the patents I have seen for such
    a device that are vertical or maybe diagonal like rooftop
    ventilators that spin with the wind it might have performed better.

    • publiusr

      I think this will be best used for small rovers in dense atmospheres.
      You need something like the electronics that you see in segway but modified to handle air. The idea would be for four buckets to act as wheels at low speed and allow flight at higher speeds.

      The battery would serve as a counter-rotating backspun wheel–serving the same purpose of a tail rotor on a chopper. The small craft in the video seemed to want to tump over. You’ll have to null that out.

      It would be a true flying car–in every sense of that word–since the wheels and airfoils are the same.

      Titan (and Venus?) only, however.

  • Bob

    What was that song by Styx? “Too Much Time on My Hands”?

  • FelixA9

    I was concerned until he mentioned he had his safety T-shirt on. 😉

  • se jones

    Magnus Aerospace LTA 20-1 airship these guys built a large(ish) prototype and flew it around in the large hangar at Ames in the early 80s.
    However, without the KFC cool factor, it never made it past prototype phase.