Apr 242017

Boy, the SJW’s get in a snit over “manspreading,” when a guy just happens to sit on, say, a subway with his legs a little bit apart (note for those unaware of male anatomy: sitting like this isn’t so much a “choice” as it is “that’s how dudes are built.”). The problem with this “manspreading” apparently is that it takes up extra space, space that an SJW could use to park her therapy teacup chy-hooah-hooah or a bunch of protest signs or bags of terribly important merchandise.

And so, behold these glorious ads from the early 1970s, where Lee attempted to sell pants that few men today would be caught dead in, never mind alive. Seems odd to have so many different ads with different models and different clothes, all in the exact same pose. Still, I’d pay real money to see male models *today* dress up in these fashion disasters, find some SJWs and intentionally pose like this across from them. Heck, maybe it’d be better not to have male models, per se… a bunch of schlubby dudes might be even better.

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  • se jones


    • Bruce

      What high school was it?,,,,maybe catholic?

      • se jones

        Nope, regular public school, located in farm & ranch country in Southeastern Colorado. But, my friends in the nearby city schools (Colorado Springs) had similar dress codes; hair off the ears and collar, t-shirts with no artwork and pockets only, no gang signs of any kind (yes, even in the 70s, violent latino gangs were a problem) no pants on girls, hemlines 2″ above knee, and so-on.

        My high school girlfriend successfully lead a protest movement in our junior year, to do away with the “skirts only” rule for girls. Christ, girls were forced to stand out in sub-zero temperatures, walking to and waiting for, the school bus out in farm country.

        The other memorable protests were over “Cinco de Mayo” celebrations. The Hispanic students wanted 1/2 day off and permission to wear colorful garb, but the admin went crazy over this.

        • sferrin

          I remember as a kid the older high school kids would bring their jeans over to my parents place so my mom could make their 501s and L.A.P.Ds into bell bottoms. Even as an elementary school kid I thought they were dumb looking.

          • se jones

            they were dumb looking
            Yeah, very dumb looking, like most 70s fashions.

            Wherever humans contact the ground, is a favored place for status indicators. Pant legs, shoes (especially women’s shoes) and of course vehicle wheels.

          • sferrin

            For all your shopping needs:


        • publiusr

          Ah–we witness the true origin of nozzle extension–bell bottoms indeed.
          RL-10 wore it the best?

  • CaptainNed

    Ah yes, from the “fine literature” mags of the period.

  • Edward Hering

    Hey,that one in the red-striped shirt looks like Bill Clinton!

  • Thalesourus

    Literally Auschwitz.