Apr 132017

Hamilton couple refuse to tell foster kids Easter Bunny is real, CAS shuts down home: court docs

A foster family up Canada way is devoutly Christian, so they don’t buy into all that “Easter Bunny” and “Santa Claus” hooha. And a Canuck court has decided that while apparently it’s ok to be devoutly religious and be a foster family, refusing to tell toddlers about the gospel of Ostara’s fertility rabbit actually being *real* just ain’t gonna fly.

Let that sink in for a bit.

A government agency has decided that refusing to tell children that fables are fact is legally actionable. One wonders where that might lead.

…the organization expects foster parents to respect common customs and the traditions of the biological family.

“From an organizational perspective, we need to be cognizant and respectful, both of the beliefs of the foster parents and also the needs and customs of children in our care,” he said. “We consider children coming into our care to be on a temporary basis … and there should be a … very smooth transition back to their home from a foster placement.”

This would seem to imply that a foster family will be expected to play along with and affirm every single set of beliefs that the bio-family had. This would seem to imply that having multiple children from multiple backgrounds simultaneously would be problematic at best. Imagine a foster family that has an Asatru girl and a Muslim boy at the same time… the girl might demand to *not* be dominated, and by the gods she will *not* be denied bacon for breakfast and a ham sammich for lunch, and she’ll point the soles of her feet anywhere she damn well pleases… and the family will have to affirm that at the same time they need to affirm pretty much the opposite for the boy.


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  • DJF

    So they are saying that the biological parents are crazy or stupid and actually think the Easter Bunny is real? Is this a question they put to the biological parents “Do you believe in the Easter Bunny and do you want your child raised in the belief of the magical bunny”.

    • B-Sabre

      I’m not sure that they believe that they are anymore than any other parent does, but that the non-religious myths around Christmas and Easter are an important part of the culture they want their children to participate in.

      But how does this play in relation to non-religious beliefs? Would a socialist family want their children raised by libertarian fosters?

    • Paul451

      The Easter-bunny thing is solely the claim from the foster home operators, and which the Canadian childcare agency disputes.

      • publiusr

        Maybe the kids will be adopted by some “science is cool” parents.

        That’s for the best anyway.

  • Brianna

    I have a great aunt who still insists the easter bunny and santa are real. It was cute when we were 5, but we’re all in our twenties and thirties now.

  • Polaris1