Apr 112017

Some people are pretty good at funnymaking:



It turns out that the passenger in question is an immigrant gay Asian convicted criminal. So we’ve got *four* check marks on the Social Justice Outrage Cheat Sheet. If a major airline monopoly is capable of being harmed by public outrage, this should do it.

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  • Michel Van

    Actually Germany media was focusing on United Airline incident
    but then someone try to blow up the bus of football team Borussia Dortmund on way to a game
    one badly hurt, several wounded and traumatized after three explosions
    It’s all over the top news here
    The Police of Dortmund found a letter connect to the attack, but keep it’s content secret


    • Scottlowther

      Pretty clearly it was an Amish extremist group. They’re always pulling stunts like that. Couldn’t be anybody else.

      • Michel Van

        two arrest in German Bomb case
        there were two groups claiming the Attack

        1 extrem left anti fascist movement of Germany
        2. Islamist Terrorist with Demands:
        -Remove german Airbase out Syria
        -closing the US Ramstein AFB in Germany

        guess who the Police stampede wich home ?
        ehh IS, we don’t have any Airbase in Syria
        and do not bomb footballer, Germans react very aggressive on that…

  • Paul451

    Off-topic aside:

    Whenever I forget why I hate TV news, it takes only a single lapse to remind me.

    “TALK about TURBULENCE, UNITING better fasten ITS seatbelt…” Nope. Die in a fire.

  • se jones

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Tuesday it had awarded a sole-source contract to United Airlines for work related to the forcible removal of President Bashar al-Assad from Syria.

    The contract, worth $2.1 billion, tasks the airline company with locating Assad, grabbing him from his seat in the presidential palace, and “dragging him out of Damascus by his arms.” The contract also notes that Assad should be “asked several times, politely” to give up his seat of power, though if he refuses, United workers should bloody his nose up a bit, according to the posting at FedBizOpps.

    The award comes just days after President Donald Trump authorized the launch of cruise missiles at a Syrian air base, in response to Assad’s use of chemical weapons. Two Navy ships launched 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, which destroyed roughly 20% of its operational aircraft and a Green Beans Coffee shop being used by the Russian army.

    Soon after the strikes, some in the Trump White House began calling for regime change in Syria. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters that peace in Syria “could not be achieved” with Assad remaining in power.

    Though US military officials have struggled in recent months with a plan for removing Assad, United Airlines cleared its final hurdle for the military’s request for proposal on Monday, when it ordered police officers to forcibly remove a passenger from a flight that was overbooked.


    • publiusr

      Maybe these twin-jets aren’t all bad…

  • se jones

    Syria Issues Travel Ban On U.S. Missiles

    By G-Had On Apr 10, 2017

    DAMASCUS, SYRIA — Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad ordered the immediate closure of all Syrian airports and airfields to U.S. missiles today, fulfilling a threat he issued after U.S. missile strikes on the country.

    In a ceremony at the presidential palace attended by most of the Syrian government, Assad signed the ban to rapturous applause, only briefly punctuated when several generals prematurely stopped clapping and were summarily executed

    We don’t want these missiles here,” Assad told the cheering crowd. “We don’t need these missiles here. We are perfectly capable of destroying our own infrastructure without these foreign missiles coming over here to do a job that Syrians are perfectly capable of doing themselves.”

    To illustrate his point, he ordered his Shabiha militia to immediately massacre all remaining Syrian soldiers at the Shayrat air base.

    Assad added that he planned to extend the missile ban to the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and most of Western Europe.

    “We only want to admit missiles into our country that will help our people, like those launched from Russia, Iran, and hopefully China,” Assad told reporters.

    Assad’s decision was immediately condemned by a number of human rights groups.

    “This impacts the most vulnerable group in America today: the Navy’s surface fleet,” said Neill O’Connor, a spokesman for Amnesty International. “All these poor sailors want to do is feel like they’re actually part of a war and tell their sweethearts how much danger they’re in before going back to the galley for mid-rats.”

    The Syrian Civil Liberties Union vowed to oppose what it called a “racist ban,” and lawyers for the group were traveling to military bases, airports, surface-to-air missile sites, and bunkers on Monday. Interestingly, the Assad regime did not attempt to thwart their travel in any way, and in some instances, bussed them to military facilities for their scheduled protests.

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