Apr 202017

Now this right here is funny.

We’ve all encountered this type of smug progressive, either online, in other forms of media or, if we lived sinfully in a previous life and are now being forced to pay off karma at a vastly accelerated rate, in real life. And while the real ones are nothing if not monumentally frustrating – they are either wholly deluded, or they’re lying to you – they are readily mockable.

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  • se jones

    This calls for a little “middle class liberal well intentioned blues”


    • publiusr


      We may all look different–but we really don’t have that much diversity–the Toba eruption saw to that.

  • Doug Pirahna

    Do what I do, when asked demographic questions (for supposed ‘statistical’ purposes) I either refuse to answer or give blatantly false answers.

    FTR – I’m obviously Caucasian and from a long line of Caucasians, I have never been mistaken for any other race.

    But it’s fun doing it, especially when it’s in real life and people see the false answer but don’t call me on it.

  • Unsubscriber

    “Race” is an artificial social construct. Genetically we are all essentially identical. There is more difference within each of the so-called “racial” grouping than there is between them. The visible differences between the various “races” are purely superficial, evolutionary ones. We are all descended from Africans (according to the current prevalent theory) with a little Neanderthal and Denisovan genes mixed in (depending on your genetic make up). I think it’s long past time for racists to catch up with the science of genetics and realise that the concept of “race” is something that was basically constructed in the 18th-19th-early 20th centuries to justify European imperialism.

    • Scottlowther

      Hogwash. If you were to grab a 14th century Australian aborigine and present him with a group of ethnic Japanese, a group of Englishmen, a group of Indians (dot, not feather) and a group of Masai, with everyone stripped nekkid and all mixed together… do you think that the Aborigine would be incapable of sorting them largely successfully into their groups based just on appearance? If race was just a social construct a modern “brain washed” American should be incapable of telling a black guy from a white guy if he’s not given their social statuses.

      This nonsensical “race is just a social construct” rubbish is exactly the sort of the thing the video mocks, and rightly so.

      The fact that race does not denote “better” doens’t mean that race doesn’t exist.

      • Unsubscriber

        I wonder how many Indigenous Australians you have encountered? Moreover, how many from the 14th century? I am not talking about perceptions, I am talking about reality. The reality is that we all belong to one race, the human one. Everything else is just bullshit that racists and those who seek to perpetuate racism promulgate. If the “races” were anything of substance, we would not be able to breed with members of the other “races”. However, we can. Therefore, all you’re doing is perpetuating a social construct which is intended to belittle people on the basis of their appearance – whether they have darker skin, Epicanthic folds, thicker lips, kinkier hair, larger noses, etc. “Race” as you’re using the term does not exist except as a social construct.

        • Scottlowther

          What’s it like to consider willful blindness and intentional ignorance to be some sort of moral virtue?