Apr 042017

Been a busy day, news-wise. First up… a *potential* “ooopsie” for the former Administration:

Rice at center of intelligence storm over ‘unmasking’ flap

Seems that Susan Rice, national security advisor under Obama (and probably best known as the Voice Of The President when it came to blaming terrorism in the middle east not on middle eastern terrorism, but on a badly made video) *may* have had a hand in getting intelligence data on Trump campaign officials.

And in Syria…

Chemical attack kills dozens in Syria as victims foam at the mouth, activists say

Looks like Putins lil’ buddy Assad committed yet another war crime by gassing his own people.


North Korea fires a ballistic missile as Trump prepares to host China’s Xi

I’m getting more and more used to the idea that Lil’ Kim is going to actually shoot a nuke at somebody in the foreseeable future.

And finally, by far the biggest news story of the day:

‘Invader Zim’ is returning to Nickelodeon as a TV movie

About time!

As a bonus, it seems all the important voice actors *and* Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Zim, will return.

If you haven’t seen “Invader Zim…” what the hell’s wrong with you? That show was friggen’ awesome, and like Ren & Stimpy before it, I was always amazed that it was put on a kid’s channel. Zim and Futurama are the pinnacle of sci-fi humor animation.


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  • se jones

    I predict that the Democrat’s “Russia hacked the election” narrative will come around to bite them on the ass.

    The Russian economy is based 90% on oil & natural gas extraction, the *LAST* thing Putin would want is a US administration whose goal is increasing US domestic hydrocarbon production leading to the suppression of world oil/gas prices.

    Putin was rooting for Hillary with her party’s global warming obsession driving up energy prices.
    Since the Democrats are incapable of grasping simple economic principles, they will never get this.

    • Scottlowther

      To me the most likely explanation is this:
      1: Russian hackers went after both Dems and Reps
      2; they found the Dems to be easier targets due to either less security or more Dem shenanigans
      3: Once Trump became the nominee, everyone, including the Russian hackers, assumed it was a slam-dunk for Hillary. So they focused on Hillary… not because they had a hard-on for Trump, but because they wanted dirt on the future President
      4: The election surprised friggen’ ERRBODY.
      5. So the Russian hackers have a whole lot of dirt on someone now irrelevant. what to do? Make it seem like they did this to benefit the actual President. Thus they turned their futile fishing expedition into a way to weaken the guy they should have focused on in the first place.

      • se jones

        I think the most likely scenario is: there’s thousands of slacker hackers in mom’s basement and thousands more “professional” Ukrainian hackers all searching for a backdoor into VIP’s puters, so they can sell the goodies to the highest bidder including Wikileaks and/or the Russians. I really don’t think the KGB is needed, hackers are just free agents and they are everywhere.

        Once the stuff was in Wikileaks and/or the Russians hands, our SEVENTEEN (seven fu*king teen!) intellegence agencies are embarrassed and worried about their jobs & funding so they plant the whole “the Russians” did it. It doesn’t help that Trump was a total asshole at CIA in Langley with his idiot speech in front of the wall of agency heros.