Apr 022017

I’m essentially done with the drafting portion of the exercise. Now to finish the writing. I had planned on releasing ll five at once, but due to external factors I’ll almost certainly have to split this up. So… which ones do people want more? The publications forthcoming are Fighters, Bombers, Transports, Launchers and Recon & Research. Comment below…

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  • Launchers, bombers, transports, fighters, recon,

  • Kelly Starks


  • Bruce

    the multi-engine flying wings are curiously cool.

  • CaptainNed

    Publish it in the order it makes sense to you. You know I’ll grab it all anyways.

    • robunos20

      What he said . . .

  • Jason Miller

    Nuclear Pulse Propulsion, and American Nuclear Explosive Devices. Oh, wait… damn.

  • Phil

    Oh, I love me some launch vehicles. And research vehicles. Like Captain Ned, I’ll buy it all.