Mar 302017

So, is the CIA spying on us through our home electronics, like Alexa? Hmmm. HMMM….

 Posted by at 3:21 pm
  • Robbie

    I remember barely 4 years ago people freaking about how the Xbox One Kinect was always online and listening… and now they gladly accept Amazon Echo being always online and listening. People are fucking weird.

    • Rick

      or people getting all butthurt because the FCC isn’t controlling what ISPs can do, but then the same people actively defending Google and Facebook doing even worse.

      the common denominator seems to be: who provides the entertainment value. Or, which Party/political ideology is their owner claiming to support.

  • Rick

    we actually tried asking it this during the family Superbowl gathering.

    Also asked it “Alexa, are you spying on us?” and of course it denied *everything*.

    same canned response “I don’t understand the question”.