Mar 202017

An article in dire need of an editor describing a 60 kilowatt laser system meant to destroy small targets such as drones.

The Army Will Finally Be Able To Blast Drones With Lasers Soon


Hopefully, days in which the U.S. Army shoots down drones with $3 million Patriot missiles will come to an eventually end when the service starts using a 60-kilowatt laser system in a few months.

And, of course, the Army wouldn’t shooting down drones with something that costs enough to buy a mansion.

The short form: a single shot from a solid state laser system such as this would cost about a dollar. Anti-aircraft guns shoot rounds costing perhaps dozens to hundreds of dollars per round. Missiles cost hundreds of thousands to millions each.

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  • Robbie

    I’m getting all excited about how science-fiction is finally starting to become science-fact.

  • Rick

    sadly, often those who write or publish news articles about the “silliness” of stopping a missile with an expensive defensive technology, are the same ones who then attack the military as “putting money before lives” when the military listens to the policymakers and sets the value of the target of incoming missiles as the deciding factor on whether or not to fire.

    First time a “cheap drone” gets thru and kills Politically Correct Victim Group members in their Holy Sanctuary you can bet the same publisher, if not even the same writer, gets on the bandwagon demanding heads roll because no one spent a million dollar missile and “put money ahead of lives”.

    The interesting real world economic/effectiveness case for this device will be if Israel sees it a worthy replacement for their Iron Dome defensive systems. the THEL was waay too expensive to deal with the constant incoming missiles from their “peaceful” neighbors.

  • publiusr

    You want both missiles and the laser to be on the safe side.