Mar 032017

The Obamas Cash In

Reportedly, the Obamas have received an advance of sixty five *million* dollars for two books.

Remember when Hillary scored an $8 million advance for her latest book? Ah, good times.

Man, I’d be happy just getting a *tenth* of that for my stuff…

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  • Nick Gaston

    Jokes on the publishers…it’s just a raunchy “Twilight” fanfic with the names changed and a different setting.

    (Hell, that wouldn’t even be the WORST way to raise dough for future political projects…ever heard of John R. Brinkley?)

  • Brianna

    Still waiting for the guy who funds his presidential campaign by turning it into a reality tv series.

  • MrAnderson

    Hi, sorry for offtop, but do you watch The Expanse tv show? If Yes, how do you like it?

    • Scottlowther

      Yes, and it’s spectacular.

  • se jones

    Yeah, you’ll find far more “career public servants” on the Democrat side of the aisle, while GOP politicians are mostly drawn from business. For the Republicans, politics is an aside from their business, for Democrats politics IS the business.