Feb 272017

An advertisement from a twenty-year-old NASA Tech Brief. It’s selling a single CD-ROM of data… programs, abstracts of reports, patent abstracts. All for the low, low price of $195. Seems kinda steep. Of course, today this could all be downloaded off Ye Olde InterWeb. Heck, I’d be pretty cheesed off about being charged nearly two hundred bucks just for some abstracts.

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  • Herp McDerp

    Well, that’s how NASA Tech Briefs made their money — by charging for stuff that was freely available from NASA. The magazine was not a NASA publication.

    Is it still around?f

  • Doug Pirahna

    Same SOP as Matthew Lesko (aka free gov’t money guy)

  • sferrin

    Reminds me of the discs of shareware one used to be able to buy. (Or see up on the local BBSs back in the day.)

    • publiusr

      Maybe this is available at some library?