Feb 242017

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France’s Le Pen cancels meet with Lebanon grand mufti over headscarf

French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen supposedly had a meeting set up with the Grand Poobah of the Sunni Lebanese, when said glorious leader supposedly demanded that she wear a headscarf, which she refused. Of course there are conflicting accounts… one side said the headscarf was a demand from the get-go, the other that it came after the meeting was set up. In either case, Le Pen’s refusal to put on a scrap of cloth that would actually be occasionally *illegal* back in France will probably hold her in good stead in the forthcoming election.


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  • Michel Van

    that had nothing to do Islam vs Catholically
    it’s more question of fashion for french women…

    by the way
    Marine Le Pen has hell of problem during Presidential election in France
    two of there staff members “worked” for European Parliament in Strassburg,
    got allot payment, but never show up at EU Parlament.
    This give her popularity a serious drop
    If some thing the French Voters hate more that is Islamic, then is corrupt french politicians…

    Rest of world

    Right wing Populist Geert Wilders is hiding in his barricade Home and
    not will go out during Election campaign for moment.
    After THREE of his assigned Security guards are Arrested by Netherlands Police
    They worked for service called “Dienst Bewaken en Beveiligen”
    provide security and Bodyguards for Royal Family and politicians on Order of Ministry of Justice.
    The Three with Moroccan back ground try to sell sensitive Information to a Moroccan Crime gang
    What they wanted with information were and wenn Geert Wilders do a public appearing is unclear

    another Populist ruin his career after Insane Proposition:
    Søren Espersen demanded in interview that
    Germany give half of federal state of Schleswig-Holstein back to Denmark !
    this let to diplomatic incident between Denmark and German Federal republic
    and in Denmark and German controversial discussion about that hair-rasing idea
    Søren Espersen gabble now “that was a Joke” but opposition condemn his “Joke” in Danish Parlament…

    • DJF

      Your first example seems to be more about the corrupt EU then French. Marine Le Pen does not seem to be the faulty party

      Your second example says these were assigned security guards so this is a problem for the government which assigned them, not for Gert Wilders.

      Third example is that some people think that politicians can’t ask for changes in national boundaries . Is peaceful change not allowed in Europe? Its not like he is asking for millions of Danish to invade Germany.

      • Trimegistus

        Bear in mind that those bits of Schleiswig-Holstein were grabbed by force back in the 1860s, and apparently there are still some Danes mildly pissed about it.

        • Herp McDerp

          Europeans tend to see American politics as insane. Americans tend to see European politics as insane.

          Both are correct.

  • publiusr

    With her last name and all, she may spook folks–though she’s not as strident.