Jan 312017

… otherwise they might be working on nuclear weapons systems.

Iran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolution, US officials say

The Khorramshahr medium range ballistic missile seems to be on the scale of the Scud.  Hard data on it seems hard to find, but it looks likely to be scaled such as to reach Israel with a single small nuclear warhead.


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  • sferrin

    Obama’s master plan at work I see.

    • guest

      “Intentions can be inferred from predictable outcomes.” Noam Chomsky.

      You know, when he’s right, he’s right.

  • se jones

    A major sub-plot on this season’s “Homeland” involves the CIA uncovering the covert transfer of Obama-enabled cash from Iran to North Korea for work on IRBM-ready nukes.
    Hey, Kim Jong Un’s got the nukes, Iran’s got the rockets…a marriage made in Hell.

    • Berthacsuazo

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    • publiusr

      My guess is that the DPRK nukes are probably pretty heavy–boosted fission only.
      What I have heard for years was that Bull got capped not for the supergun, but for this:

      An el-cheapo mini R-7

      Iran has similar Scud offspring

      That last illustration shows me a hammerhead. Yeah–that’s worrisome. I think they are trying to sell it as a high energy stage or a Redstone capsule stunt.

      I wonder if they might get plans for the UNHA-3

      Some think things may have been shrunk a bit:

      • se jones

        “…DPRK nukes are probably pretty heavy”
        Hence the fear of Iranian $millions going to DPRK for nuke modernization.

        Tel Aviv, Israel to Tehran, Iran: 1400 miles (actually Iranian border to Tel Aviv is less than 1000 miles)
        No doubt the IDF would shoot it down, but it *would* be a major act of war leading to several smoking holes in Iran, AND Saudi Arabia would take advantage of the situation by unloading on Iran as well.

        May cooler heads prevail.


  • Rick

    Chinese test a missile and there’s all this “Trump’s gonna start a war!!” coverage. Iran, which HAS started wars within my lifetime, tests a missile in direct contradiction to the previous Administration’s apologists, and mostly silence.

    Seems rottenness should be brought up equally, not ignored based on party affiliation. At least with Trump, we’ll hear about every single possible decision and get hyper transparency LOL