Jan 302017

This one sounds good:

Trump Signs Executive Order to Curtail Regulations

In short, it says that if a Federal agency wants one new regulation, they need to ditch two old ones. This is an inarguably good idea, but I suspect that it may turn out to be a logistical nightmare. And it’ll certainly run into a whole lot of opposition from the bureaucrats.

This executive order is more important on every objective level than the one restricting refugees and immigration from a few specific countries. That one was never going to amount to much, but slashing regulations could have *massive* long-term economic benefits. But here’s the thing that makes me think that maybe, just maybe, Trump might be smarter than he looks. Under normal conditions, the big-government types would be falling all over themselves to stymie this new executive order. They’d be screaming about how it’ll ruin the environment, and/or install racism  and sexism in hiring, and/or harm women, children and the poor. But right now they are far too focused on screaming about an executive order that has caused a few dozen foreigners to be delayed at airports or sent back to their homelands. Perhaps this was the intent… throw out a firebomb of an executive order, something that’s not very important but will set the Left’s hair on fire, and then follow it up with actually *important* changes. Heck, even the pipeline order seems to have been completely forgotten.

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  • Kopis

    Logistical nightmare or not, a bit of silly celebration is in order –

    Hampton the Hamster “The Hamsterdance Song:”


    This has been sponsored by – the nose to the grindstone gang… 🙂

  • Knigh26

    This is actually what the FAA has been working on. They started on rewriting the CFR for all aircraft starting with part 23. All others will rewrite their rules in accordance with the new part 23 standards. The 1 for 2 rule might cause some headaches though and force another rewrite of the part 23 rule set.

    • se jones

      The AWOS system I toiled over for two years, never made to market. Once the management dweebs added up the cost of development meeting FAA regs, they said fu&^ it and sold the whole shebang for a loss.

      I probably spend six months engineering the mechanical end of things, but two and half years changing stoopid non-conforming things, filling out paperwork, going to meeting after meeting after meeting…Good god, all government programs I’ve ever worked on are are a soul crushing, career wasting, exercise in futility.

      State Aviation Journal:

      Vaisala, in a news release last Wednesday, announced its intention to divest itself from the U.S. Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) business, a move that caught many by surprise.
      David Wartofsky, CEO of Potomac Aviation Technology Corp, distributor of Micro Tower, referred to the news as sad. “Only the collaborators remain, and the innovators have all left. It’s a sign of the times.”Wartofsky, who has been critical of the FAA’s over burdensome certification process of AWOS and perhaps key to the unprofitability cited by Vaisala, said he has taken a few DGCA’s (Director General of Civil Aviation) flying in his Skymaster out of Potomac Airfield in Maryland. “One DGCA I took flying (a major ally of the USA) said later over dinner, “the world is leaving the FAA behind. It has become too outdated, too cumbersome, and impossible to get anything done.

    • se jones

      It’s hilarious: my tech inclined friends & associates are amazed when they visit my office, the sound of dial-up modems and dot matrix printers emanates from the lab, next to the occasional beep from state-of-the-art met instruments bound for Mars. Working on FAA or USAF systems always requires trip in the Wayback Machine.


      Good long rant in AvWeek today about part 135 rules. It’s spot on.
      Make It Safe, Not Difficult
      Why Is Part 135 So Far Behind?
      Dec 21, 2016 Ross Detwiler | Business & Commercial Aviation

      • publiusr

        Good to see you are keeping old tech alive.

        • se jones

          No choice, the FAA & Air Force are very conservative and slow to adapt new tech.
          The automated weather stations “AWOS” are used by 100s of small airports owned by local, often rural city & county governments where money is *tight*.
          Same with the armed forces. You know, B-52s and KC135s from 1962 are still flying. Well, much of their ground equipment is ancient too, while the money goes for the ridiculous F35.
          But it’s Ok, the old tech is often easier to work on and harder to hack into.

          Engineering with old tech stuff has a huge hidden cost. Every project involving “legacy” hardware means us engineers must spend 50% of our time doing “engineering archaeology”.

          • publiusr

            I think there should be a working museum that actually builds low numbers of VCRs, tube televisions and the like on low runs–to get folk familiar. You never know–someone overseas–not clockmed–but some real genius…just might come up with something new from old tech–and we would need to match that.

  • se jones

    >right now they are far too focused on screaming about

    Yeah, I swear the Trump team is playing “rope a dope” with the Dems & media jackals.

  • John Nowak

    As an old tabletop RPG rules lawyer, I just hope it’s possible to define “regulation” in such a way they can’t be combined.

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  • Bob

    There is such a vast amount of law (Federal, State, County, City etc) that most people probably commit at least two felonies a day and don’t even know it. The government could throw any of us in prison any time it wanted to. When you add in regulatory law promulgated by non elected government officials we are the most regulated country in the world. We are at the mercy of hordes of lawyers. Maybe even worse than the old Soviet Union. What do you do when your computer gets all clogged up and won’t work? Sometimes all you can do is wipe the drive and reload the software. Maybe this would work for our country. Have a big bonfire and burn all the lawbooks. Go back to the Constitution only and start all over again. Never happen of course. Just wishful thinking.

    • Kopis

      Your wish has already been granted. The difficulty is in the mirror. The path to realizing it is not convenient, nor is it easy, however the concepts are simple…

      Learn the difference between ‘legal’ versus ‘lawful,’ which one is always superior, and why.
      “NO WRITTEN LAW may be enforced by the government unless it conforms with certain unwritten, universal principles of fairness, morality, and justice that transcend human legal systems.” – http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/rule+of+law
      See also – http://voidjudgments.com

      You have freedom of choice – use it…or not…