Jan 122017

The Aerospace Projects Review Patreon rewards for January will include a reasonably massive Douglas report on the Saturn V-launched pre-Skylab “Early Orbital Space Station” and a scan of a reasonably gigantic diagram of the Boeing 2707-300 SST. These will be released before the end of January and will be available to all then-current Patrons. So if these items interest you, and/or if you are interested in helping the effort to find and preserve this sort of aerospace history, be sure to check out the APR Patreon.

EOSS_0053 EOSS_0027 EOSS_0014


65A12841 general Arrangement 2707-300 websize

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  • Michel Van

    What Pledge i have to take
    to get the Douglas “Early Orbital Space Station” ?

    • Scottlowther

      $1.50 per month gets you a 125 dpi version of the rewards; $4 per month gets you the 300 dpi full rez versions. $5 and $8 per month gets you the full rez versions plus other rewards.

      • Michel Van


  • Phil

    Is it likely Skylab would have been like this if there had been more money in NASA’s budget?

  • se jones

    Comet TV is now streaming its content on the web, so screencaps of Men Into Space are a click away! The over-the-air quality is pretty good, so I assume the high-def stream is similar.

    Today’s episode had some great shots of the full sized Type 1 on the shop floor. Workers were wheeling around a real engine (looks like an LR79 without the powerhead) and it appears they had some actual nozzles of the same type mounted in the vehicle. There were also several clamshell nozzle protective covers sitting around, at one point a worker picks one up and walks away with it which gave the whole scene a surprisingly workaday realism for that era.
    I’m wondering if the engine stuff was surplus or was on loan from NAA or Douglas.


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