Dec 282016

Note banjo enthusiast and white-hair-haver tweeted his sadness at the death of Carrie Fisher. Unfortunately, his tweet was in horrible, horrible bad taste:


How outrageous! How terrible! How thoughtless! How sexist! How…. how is this anything bad? Well, leave it to the SJWs to SJW-splain it:

Steve Martin Deletes Carrie Fisher Tribute After Backlash

Martin was criticized for a sexist tweet following the actress’ death.

What made the tweet sexist? Steve Martin noted that an actress famous for being beautiful was, in fact, beautiful.


Carrie Fisher WAS quite the beauty back in the day. Far from being deniable, this was an Important Fact. She was an actress, and her appearance was vital to her getting the role of Princess Leia. Now, there’s no reason in the world why Princess Leia needed to be a great beauty in order to be a strong character. She could have been played by a woman who looked like a young Rosie O’Donnell with bad acne, unfortunate facial hair, lopsided eyes, hairy warts, a hook nose, excessive piercings and burn scars. Hell Leia could have been a non-human… not just a kinda-human, but something pretty “bleah.” Why not a Mon Cal? Because a Beautiful Woman is a better draw than a Bipedal Fish-Man. Because a Beautiful Woman is more appealing than a Non Beautiful Woman. Because Beauty is its own reward.

When Star Wars came out 1977, Carrie Fisher could have been *anything.* She could have been sharp as a tack or dumb as a post. As happy as a clam or as gloomy as a, well, a gloomy clam. She could have been the funniest person on the planet or as humorless as a Social Justice Warrior. Coulda been, but there was no way to tell, because all the evidence there was was what was on screen. And what did we see on screen? A beautiful woman. What kind of monster refuses to recognize this fact? A Social Justice Warrior, that’s what kind.

Yes, yes, there was more to Fisher than her youthful beauty. But Twitter is not renowned as the platform for long dissertations… and in any event, saying that Carrie Fisher was beautiful does *not* say that she wasn’t witty or smart or talented or any other such thing.

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  • Pick your nose

    You’re trying to talk sense into the Red Guards…. they hear Charlie Brown teacher voices…

  • Pick your nose

    What the hell is up with that psycho chick’s voice in Nature Boy from the new Alien trailer? Nat King Cole’s version is much better. What’s Ridley Scott’s point? He’s in his mid 70s, right? Why does he keep repeating himself?

  • Rodrigo

    Still waiting for a celebutard to tell the twitterverse to STFU. Or at the very least ignore the marching morons.

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  • Herp McDerp

    Social Justice Warriors love their Outrage Highs. And the point of “controversies” like this is to demonstrate moral superiority through extreme sensitivity to political incorrectness, just as the princess demonstrated her royal status by her extreme sensitivity in “The Princess and the Pea.”

    • publiusr

      Probably just as well I never owned a cell phone–this would have been my tweet.

      First Farrah Fawcett–now Leia!
      All my fantasies are dying off.
      Quick–somebody get Jenna Jameson a life-alert!