Dec 282016

South Korea has their very own bipedal robot you can get in and pilot, complete with proper arms and five-digited hands. Some rumbling about putting these on the border with North Korea…. but honestly, cool as they may be, one decently placed rifle-launched grenade should topple it. They’re big, slow, cumbersome, clumsy. As military systems…. meh. As industrial systems? Hmmm. Possibilities.

Avatar-style S. Korean manned robot takes first baby steps

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  • Bruce

    Looks like some of that stuff you see in science fiction movies and T.V. shows is getting to be a reality. Second of all,nothing really to do with this but I was listening to the Telstar song by a group called the Tornadoes made back in 1963 and what I was wondering is why even though
    no longer functioning Telstars 1 & 2 are still orbiting the Earth. I thought like Skylab,Mir and

    Sputnik and the like they would have come down…Why is this?

    • Cthell

      Well, Sputnik 1’s Apogee was the same as Telstar 1’s Perigee, so it will have experienced much more atmospheric* drag, which would lower the already much lower perigee, so orbital decay would be much faster.

      Skylab basically orbited at Sputnik 1’s initial perigee, so again, much higher atmospheric drag

      Basically, Telstar 1 & 2 were placed in much higher orbits, and [all other things being equal], higher orbits stay in orbit longer

      *probably not the correct technical term

  • Peter Hanely

    Looks like a lucky shot from small arms fire could cripple it.

  • Bob