Dec 272016

Mentioned yesterday was one of the Left’s newest darlings, George Ciccariello-Maher, a guy who thinks that “white genocide” is just a peachy-keen idea. As a phrase, “white genocide” is something I’ve not thought about too much or too often, but apparently it is popular with both the far left and the far “white nationalists.”

The far left thinks of “white genocide” as a mythological concept, something that isn’t happening. The white nationalists think “white genocide” is happening, but rather than whites being rounded up and executed, it’s white people being bred out of existence by brown people.

Both groups are in error.

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Yes, at the moment is appears that white folks are now in demographic decline… we don’t seem to have a birth rate that matches, much less exceeds, our death rate. But it’ll be a *long* time before the “white race” is in any real risk of fading from existence, and I’d bet that, unless Putin nukes the world back to the stone age, we’ll have space colonization before “racial extinction.” And when that happens… all bets are off as to what happens with demographics.

As for the lefties: yes, there appears to be no such thing as an organized effort in the West to genocide the white people (note: not true *everywhere.* Zimbabwe did a fair job of drving out the white farmers, for instance). But here’s the thing: when I say “interstellar travel,” I’m not talking about something that is happening, instead it’s something I want to happen. Same with “fusion powerplants,” or “small government” or “rational tax system” or “universal acceptance of my concealed carry license across all state lines.” The fact that something is not, doesn’t mean that it’s not wanted, nor does it mean that it could not be.

And so, that wretched hive of scum and villiany,, weighed in on the issue. And since they have declared that “white genocide” is mythical… given how nearly universally wrong they are, it’s a safe bet that someone is waiting in the wings with a proposal on how to round up and execute all those darned white people.

There Is No Such Thing as “White Genocide”

The fact is, a lot of people on the left *have* expressed how thrilled they’d be with the idea of all the white folks disappearing, one way of the other. Do they have the power to make it happen? of course not. Are they going to take a stab at it? Most of them, no. Should their desire to see it happen be ignored? Certainly not. The Klan, after all, is a sad, laughable shadow of the threat it once was. I don;t know if anyone actually have a reasonable worry that Klansmen are going to ride up on horses wearing ghost costumes and start stringing up blacks, Catholics and Jews. But should we declare that there is no such thing s the Klan? No.

Similarly, the large number of “progressives” who want to rid the world of “whiteness” or “white people” or “white whatever” need to be pointed and, laughed at, mocked mercilessly, and their employers told “I’m not paying to send my kid to your school if this is the sort of racist claptrap you support.”

Of course, not all those who advocate for genocide against white people are academics:

Now, is any of this evidence of a real conspiracy to off white folks? Of course not. But to dismiss “white genocide” as a paranoid delusion of white supremacists is to dismiss the paranoid delusions of a whole lot of anti-white lefties.

For extra points, simply replace “white” and “black” in the videos and such linked here. Just how *insane* do you think the SJWs at Jezebel and elsewhere would get?

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  • Bruce

    I think that if we got rid of the extremists that promote the hatred as far as the racial,religious
    and just plain terrorism around the world it would help us all to stop the hatred and live as one,like John Lennon said it.

    • Scottlowther

      > live as one

      What, like the Borg? Screw *that.* We’re better off squabbling. Promotes growth and technological and cultural progress. “Living as one” promotes stagnation.

      John Lennon was an idiot.

      • Adam

        So I take it you’re not a fan of the “Citizen of the World” claptrap?

        • Scottlowther

          Oh, I don’t know I’d go so far as to shut “Citizen of the World” down *entirely.* *IF* a nation – say, the Free State of British Columbia, or the Siberian Republic or the People’s Capitalist Republic of Thailand or Belize or something – were to decide to grow up and adopt the basic United States Constitution as their own, and adopt the culture and language of the United States… I say, come on in. There’s always room on our flag for more stars. There’s no theoretical reason why every single country on the planet *cannot* Americanize and join the Union. And were that to happen… why, then, “Citizen of the World” would make all kinds of sense.

          • James

            Lets see we can already invite Panama. Hell more people there speak English as well as read and write it as a percentage of the population than does California.

            Chile, Columbia, etc

        • James

          The only way we will ever have citizens of the world is if we live in a world where 99% of the Human population is under the boot of the most brutal dictatorship in history.

          No, give me many nation states. Hell, im all for unscrewing the system we have put into place where “free trade” equals people getting fucked by those who have the power and money to rig the systems. However, from what I see of the EU, China, and other nations? No, no thank you.

      • publiusr

        People fight because they care. The opposite of love isn’t hate–it is indifference.

        leaving someone alone is often the best thing you can do–and it can also be the worst.

    • Herp McDerp

      I think that if we got rid of the extremists …

      Support nonviolence or I’ll kill you!

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    The strangest part is the very Leftists, SJW’s and Progressives who openly call for race and class wars seem to believe they will be in charge when the dust settles.

    Sorry kids, but the most ruthless and determined will be holding the guns, and if they don’t decide to throw you off tall buildings or hang you from lamp posts you will likely be marched out of the cities and into the Killing Fields buy the very armies of Khmer Rouge you worked so hard to create.

    Perhaps luckily of the rest of us, so far the most frightening thing they have actually managed to produce is armies of “Pyjama boys” and screaming garbage babies on campus. I doubt they can overrun positions with twitter storms and mass defriendings…..