Dec 272016

Well, that blows. 2016 has been killing off celebrities for just about a year, and finally got to one that I am actually annoyed to lose. She had a rough life after Star Wars, but ended up being pretty damn entertaining as a writer.

Having a fatal heart attack at 60 is not something most rich folk do… unless their systems have been screwed up with chemical abuse of some kind. And as Carrie showed us, drugs is a hell of a drug.

Fark has a surprisingly respectful and wholly appropriate headline:

Carrie Fisher has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

With some appropriate images…


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She’s snorting cocaine with Jesus now.

Live long and prosper, brave hobbit.

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  • John B
  • Jason Miller

    I expect she’ll be CGI-resurrected in the next Star Wars movie.

    • robunos20
      • Jason Miller

        Okay, she’ll be CGI’d in Episode IX then.

        • Scottlowther

          Not necessarily. Still almost a year till Ep 8 comes out, time enough to tinker with things so that General Organa’s ship gets heroically blown up with her on board.

          • robunos20

            Maybe, but there are already stories like this circulating…


            S’pose they could always do the Yoda/Lando trick again…

          • Uxi

            or in the beginning of Ep 9. Could be inverse of beginning of Ep 3.

          • Scottlowther

            I don’t know if that would be a *good* way to go, but it’d certainly be an interesting way. Problem is, nothing “good” really comes to mind. “Star Trek Beyond” did it well will having Old Nimoy Spock dying offscreen and a notice of that being delivered to Young Spock, but that’s a different situation from here. Old Spock was no longer an *active* major character.

            With luck there’s enough spare footage from Episodes 7 and 8 that something good can be cobbled together that’ll be satisfying and dignified. Her (presumably ex) husband was killed by her son, and her son will be either dead or irretrievably evil, so Leia’s probably pretty bummed and wouldn’t look all that askance at death.

          • publiusr

            I actually wanted an 09′ Trek/Force awakens cross-over with Quinto’s Spock confiding with an older Leia:

            “You don’t understand–I lost my whole planet”

            So did I kiddo

            “I’m sorry–I’m having trouble with my emotions”

            I know all about that too. Come here, let me tell you a secret….

            The time to do a Trek/Wars cross-over was the 1980’s.

            I could see a Young Luke being a surrogate son for Kirk’s David Marcus–and Kirk being a surrogate father.

          • Scottlowther

            Best Trek/Wars crossover: The Death Star II blows up over Endor; the detonation of the hypermatter reactor opens a dimensional rift to the Trek universe. 1960’s TOS Enterprise comes through in the immediate aftermath. Crew of Enterprise meets up with Wars cast… and Kirk put the moves on Leia, not unsuccessfully. Watch the hijinks as Han gets jealous, as Scottie and Chewbacca discuss the merits of different propulsion systems, as Spock and R2-D2 discuss philosphy. Behold as a Star Destroyer shows up to cause a ruckus, pummels the bejesus out of the Enterprise until Sulu, temporarily in command, orders a photon torpedo beamed onto the SD’s bridge. Sulu is rewarded with his very own X-Wing. Chekov gets a TIE interceptor. The rebels get transporter technology and subsequently sweep up the Imperials with great efficiency, generally by beaming the crews of Star Destroyers one kilometer “up” and then appropriating the ship. The First Order never forms. McCoy miraculous revives Anniken Skywalker, all the while bitching about the shockingly awful life support systems in the suit; Aniken awakens with regrown limbs and his scars gone. The Enterprise returns just before the rift closes, taking with it hyperdrive and hypermatter tech. A few years later the Federation, now equipped with hyperdrives that can cross the galaxy in a matter of hours, discovers and promptly extinguishes the Borg.

            Just before they leave, Spock beams to the Falcon the results of his analysis of the Force. Han uses it to develop an anti-Force field, subsequently making bagrillions of credits by selling systems to defeat the re-emerging Jedi. Kirk has a light saber, which is delivered to Starfleet and appropriated by Section 31.

          • publiusr

            Shh–someone might just steal that 😉

  • Joe Ryan

    Now Sadly her Mother Debbie Reynolds has joined her after suffering a stroke while helping plan Carrie’s funeral.