Nov 292016

Trump suggests loss of citizenship or jail for those who burn U.S. flags


Flag burning is a Supreme Court Ruling Protected form of free expression. It may be rude, it may be dumb, it may be offensive… but that’s what the 1st Amendment is *for.*


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  • Brianna

    We are now living in post-principle America.

  • Kopis


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  • Kopis

    Attempted to load GIF of octopus skirting along the ocean bed on the tips of its tentacles.
    Written across the top is: “NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.”

  • jamezb

    The messed up part is he hopes to stack SCOTUS with conservative judges who will overturn things he disagrees with… like due process, freedom of speech…etc…

    • jamezb

      And wouldn’t you just know his party has both houses…

      • jamezb

        and no…I don’t like Hillary either.. there was no choice this year.

      • Nh_flier

        TRhing of that is it’s not his party. He signed on as a Republican for convenience – He’s as much of a party outsider to the Republicans in Congress as Hillary.
        I wouldn’t expect a lot of support from them.

    • Thucydides_of_Athens

      Wait, you’re just repeating Hillary’s program. Are you sure you’re on the right thread?

  • Rodrigo

    Congrats, you all just got trolled by the trollmaster elect. After all the media uproar, turns out Hillary proposed the same thing in a law to congress in 2005. Next he brings in David Petraeus for a shot at Secretary in State, causing the MSM to announce how inappropriate that would be because he exposed classified information. Two shots at “let’s do a recount” Clinton’s backside. MSM played.

    • Thucydides_of_Athens

      Slapping the Fake News Legacy media around is going to be so much fun for the next eight years…..

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Considering all the attacks on the Constitution the Progressives have been making for decades, this is actually small beer.

    I’m more inclined to look at “The Art of the Deal” and suggest this is Trump laying out an outrageous opening position to put people back on their heels. Seems to work…..heh