Nov 212016

This video has it all:

  1. Unbuilt aircraft concept
  2. Scale model (wind tunnel model) construction
  3. Cyanotype Blueprints
  4. Complete lack of an audio track

The obvious question that this video raises is… what happened with the model? Most wind tunnel models end up getting scrapped – shredded and melted down to recycle the metal. but every now and then one escapes. The company keeps it for display, or in an archive, or sometimes an employee simply takes it home. Sometimes they end up on EBay.

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  • Andrew Newstead

    What lovely skills being demonstrated, a celebration of craftmanship.

  • Jon Risque

    No eye protection!

    • Scottlowther

      Real Men don’t need eye protection… that’s for pinkos and sissies. Drink enough martinis and smoke enough Lucky Strikes, and you’ll not only have eyeballs of steel but you’ll never fail with the dames in the steno pool.

      • publiusr

        Not anymore–guys who work with 3D printers will look at the opening of the movie.

        “What’s that spinning thing he is cutting metal with?”

  • Jon Risque

    And they built all tat in one day..

  • Madoc

    Wow! This is pretty damn cool. Thanks for sharing it.

    And, yeah, that lack of any safety glasses makes me cringe!