Oct 192016

Students told term ‘be a man’ represents toxic masculinity

The dumbth continues…

According to the trailer of the film, it teaches that the “three most destructive words” a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.” Experts quoted therein also suggest that violent outbursts are prompted by masculinity pressures because “respect is linked to violence.”


OK, so telling a male to “be a man” is bad. Since a man is what the male would normally be or become, what they’re basically saying is that being normal is bad.

You gotta give these people props for having done a *magnificent* job on tearing down boys and men in the US. By working to eliminate the role of fathers in the education and maturation of whole populations of boys, they have eliminated proper role models for boys, leaving them with either no guide on how to become civilized men, or guides like the anti-male “feminists” that have become so prominent in recent decades. Is it any wonder, then, that so many boys and men have emotional and/or psychological issues?

If full knowledge on the source of all this was ever found, I wonder if it might turn out that a good chunk of this originated as a plan by the KGB to destroy the US from within. This would not surprise me. It would also mean that the people who support this nonsense are actually committing treason.

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  • Michael

    A friend of mine used to teach. One day i asked her how “normal” kids were handled, given that all she ever talked about were the students who were obtaining some sort of special consideration from the school administration. She said exactly this: “There are no normal kids.”

    Another friend of mine currently teaches. She reports that the only violence she sees is Pakistani boys (about 15% of the total population of the school) who start with shouting matches and escalate to actually harming each other. Apparently, they can conceive of no other route respect.

    My experiences here on the edge of the inner city and in an urban university has revealed to me that it’s always the black kids who fight (that may be a oddity resulting from the fact that 93% of the public school students are black; maybe a third of the university students are black). They appear to know no other way to assert status. Many of these are armed.

    KGB? Why not? It would have started in the 60s, I think.

    • Scottlowther

      I bet someone has actually studied this, but it might be interesting to compare rates of violence with fatherhood. By that I mean… take a particular population. Say, Ethnic Group A within Geographic Region B of Economic Status C. Find the boys who seem to be chronically violent. The feral types who seem incapable of conceiving socialization without

      threats and dominance and such. And see how many were raised with at-home strong father figures, how many were raised with fathers in prison, how many were raised with no fathers.

      If it turns out that being raised sans fathers leads to increased violence, it would be a clear argument that the anti-masculinity, pro-feminization activists are entirely 180 degrees dead wrong. Boys, especially en masse, may turn out to *need* the masculine in order to be civilized. Remove the masculine and raised them entirely by the feminine, and you don’t get feminine males… you get monsters.

      This might argu4e for the radical notion that males and females, boys and girls, aren’t quite exactly the same thing just with slightly different mold lines.

      • James

        I like to think of it like the Rogue Elephant example.

        In africa the ivory trade has ended up leaving a LOT of orphaned baby elephants. The Males ended up forming huge groups. The problem was they basically were rabid. They would go through killing random animals and threatening and attacking everything. It got so bad they thought they may have to kill them all.

        Well they had a idea. The brought in a Adult male and released him in with them. Surprise, surprise…..they all calmed down.

        So i’d say shitty father figures and shitty culture.

        • Michael

          Maybe that’s the logic behind encouraging all the males in my grad school classes to teach in the inner city. (None of us did.)

          Where was this reported, James? I’d like to pass it around.

      • Herp McDerp

        If it turns out that being raised sans fathers leads to increased violence …

        It may be even simpler — the difference might be between being raised by someone and not being raised by anyone at all. In single-parent families where the parent works, the kid might be on his own (or her own) for most of the time; in single-parent families where the parent doesn’t work, the parent may completely ignore the kid due to other distractions (e.g., drugs, or even television).

        Mammals seem to have a “window of socializability” — they need to learn how to get along with others by a certain age, or else they never really will. Cats, for example, need to be socialized while they’re kittens (typically by the age of eight or ten weeks) or else they’ll be pretty much feral for the rest of their lives. (There are exceptions to that rule. I started fostering one kitten captured from the wild at the age of about eighteen weeks and he’s now my best buddy, but a couple of others from the same litter are still feral after living with humans for two years.)

        • Scottlowther

          All of my cats have come in while still youngsters… except for Fingers (and Marvin, but she was an oddball exception). Fingers came in when she was an adult cat. And Fingers is by far the least human friendly of the bunch. She hides from all humans who aren’t me… and she’s still not too sure about me.

      • publiusr

        “Being a Man” means NOT popping off at every slight.

        Now, the mis-use of the term, being boorish, etc. Then the point is valid.

  • se jones

    Only one surefire response to this nonsense: Wieners Out!

  • Herp McDerp

    NEWS FLASH! Social Justice Scientists now suspect that human males compete with one another for status and that they associate submissive behavior with low status. This, of course, comes as a shock — they had no idea! It’s an unusual trait, since no other primate — nay, no other organism in the animal kingdom! — behaves in such a manner.

    So the way to overcome this behavioral trait is to encourage males to be submissive and weak. And it will work! … as soon as they can coerce every single male, now and in the future, into doing this.

    • Michael, who likes girls

      Women don’t really compete, in my experience anyway. They fight, and it’s vicious, personal, and to the death.