Sep 282016

I’ve paid little attention to that NFL player Colin Whatshisname who refused to stand during the national anthem Because Reasons. Because… who cares? Some guy I’ve never heard of who’s getting paid buckets of money to play a game I’m uninterested in, decides to disrespect the US. Well… there are more important things to pay any sort of attention to. The NFL should just fire him for  bringing shame to their organization, and then move on with life.

A similar but somewhat more important incident has hit the news:

Navy launches investigation into sailor who didn’t stand for National Anthem

The motive for this intelligence specialist in the Navy Reserve seems to be much the same… the fraudulent narrative about systemic racism:

“I feel like a hypocrite singing about the ‘land of the free’ when I know that only applies to some Americans,” she wrote. “I will gladly stand again, when ALL AMERICANS are afforded the same freedom.”

As the article point out:

Troops who don’t stand for the National Anthem could face prosecution under the Navy’s Uniform Code of Military Justice for violating Article 92, which says that troops can be punished for failing to obey a lawful general order.

It seems to me that there are two conclusions here:

  1. The military has a problem of indeterminate size of having servicemen (women, whatever) who are anti-American. It is difficult to imagine a *good* reason why someone who despises the US would join the military, but there are numerous *bad* reasons why someone might do so. Acquiring knowledge and skills to be used against the US, or for criminal, gang or otherwise nefarious purposes, has been a common occurrence.
  2. Clearly a court martial is called for. Seems to me that the best approach is to try her and, if found guilty (and since she’s admitted it, it seems a slam-dunk), to drum her out of the service with a dishonorable discharge. I would argue against prison time, since her actions were, after all, in and of themselves minor and harmless. But the attitude behind them would seem to argue for one additional little thing: the DoD should tell every organization or company that does business with the US Federal Government that they will lose their contracts if they hire her.


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  • xvdougl

    Here’s the way I’ve handled this. Every week this continues in the NFL I pick one of their sponsors and tell them I can no longer support them. The first and obvious choice was the NFL package on DirecTV. Then it was Campbell’s’ (I was eating too much of that damn soup for lunch anyway). Next it was the insurance company. This week it will probably be the entire DirecTV operation. I learned that their NFL Sunday ticket program falls far short of paying their NFL tab. I haven’t encouraged others to follow my lead. I don’t want to see any NFL or team change of policy. I’m hoping enough like minded souls will cost the NFL and specifically all NFL players that peer pressure will solve the problem. If someone walks by my office and asks where all my NFL flair went (it was a good half hour taking it all down). I give them a 30 second version of why it’s in a box in the corner. If they want to hear more I’ll share as much as they care to hear. I’ve avoided by and large the social media hullabaloo (this post withstanding). I hear the ratings for the NFL are down a few percentage points and I hope I’m part of the reason.
    The Navy is a whole other dimension of idiocy. I’m sure most of your readers are well capable to see all the bright and shiny hypocrisy of that move.
    Maybe it would be a good topic for the next debate…

  • xvdougl

    Hmmm…. Crickets? So does this mean I have to turn in my nerd card or should I be expecting the gold version in the mail any day?

    • Scottlowther

      NFL fandom is much the same as, say, Star Trek fandom. It’s just that Trekkies accept that they’re doing a form of cosplay when they wear a Starfleet shirt, while most NFL fans don’t accept that they’re cosplaying when they wear some jersey or other or paint half their face blue and half orange (or whatever colors).

      A major difference is that fans of some movie or TV series generally accept that their favorite actors are in fact, actors, and that their political opinions are generally ignorant and ignorable. So the guy who plays Captain X turns out to support socialism? Well, there’s a shock… a guy who lives in a world of make-believe buys into a make-believe worldview. But some people still think that athletes are something more than highly paid meat robots.

      • xvdougl

        Yeah, I’m not very interested in celebrity causes in general. It is tempting to support them in the increasingly rare case they have an opinion I agree with or are doing something charitable.

        Interested to see how the Navy handles this SJW. If I were her CO and was reasonably sure it wasn’t noticed by the public (although it probably was) I would have told her and the rest of my sailors the incident was now officially classified as FOUO until further notice. That way she would lose her opportunity to get attention outside the Navy. She could explore the concept of hypocrisy while pulling 3-12 months of Corrective Custody. Her behavior going forward would determine the length. I had a roommate get 8 weeks of that back in the 80’s. It’s very similar to basic training. Fun stuff.

      • publiusr

        “But some people still think that athletes are something more than highly paid meat robots.”

        Well, if head/brain transplants are ever a thing, we could call them new body donors.