Sep 112016

BLM advisory board recommends euthanasia for 45,000 wild horses

Apparently, #HorseLivesDon’tMatter.

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  • se jones

    “In my world, everyone’s a pony, and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies.”

    A rare non eco-idiot editorial in High Country News on feral horses:

    “…The mantra from the feral-horse lobby is that because a different and diminutive equid roamed the continent before going extinct during the Pleistocene, modern horses are “native wildlife.” That’s like saying the presence of mastodons in the Lake States 10,000 years ago makes African elephants native to the Midwest.”

    • Paul451

      If you’ve disrupted the original balance of niches, as the native Americans did during the last ice age, the idea of substituting an similar niche-occupant might be better than the cost of trying to micro-manage the system by hand. But if you introduce a new animal back into the large-herbivore niche, you’ll also need to add something in the large-herbivore-predator niche; ie, you would need to replace one of the large sabre-tooth cats. So, African lion? Siberian tiger? If not, you’ll need to micro-manage the animal you’ve introduced, to play predator.

      • allen

        introduce buffalo, then start a managed hunting season.

        we are the top predator.

      • se jones

        “…something in the large-herbivore-predator niche”
        Oh hell yes. Might even make some Democrats think twice about – you know -personal protection.
        Here kitty kitty kitty.

  • allen

    non-native invasive species. if we can’t find homes for them to be riding animals then they should be exterminated and the area repopulated with buffalo.

  • James

    You mean starving and freezing them to death slowly was not going fast enough?

  • publiusr

    All the glue!