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Currently on eBay is a vintage Greek “Biscuit Card” featuring a simplified artwork replicating an internal-detonation nuclear pulse rocketship illustrated by Frank Tinsley. The original artwork was for a magazine ad for Arma Bosch in 1959 and is *not* any sort of official engineering design, just a magazine artists impression.

I’ve never seen the biscuit card version. I’ve no idea if this was a local Greek production, or the card was published in multiple languages.

Here’s the biscuit version:

ebay nuclear rocket tinsley 2 ebay nuclear rocket tinsley 1

Here’s the Tinsley original.


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  • se jones

    This Is the Atomic Pulse Rocket, a pot-bellied space ship nearly the size of the Empire State Building, propelled by a series of atomic blasts.

    The enormous rocket (weighing 75.000 tons fully loaded) is designed to leave Earth with a thrust of 100,000 tons. All together a thousand atomic blasts-each equal to 1,000 tons of TNT-are fired from a low velocity gun into a heavy steel rocket engine at a rate of one per second until the vehicle leaves Earth’s atmosphere. Then steam and vaporized steel maintain the thrust. After transit speed is reached and the propulsion system shut off power is provided by solar batteries plating the wing and body surfaces.

    Inside the rocket living quarters are situated in the rim of a pressurized wheel-like cabin which revolves to provide artificial gravity. Radio and radar antennae revolve with it. Tubular hydroponic “gardens” on either side of the rim grow algae to produce oxygen and high protein food.

    The Atomic Pulse Rocket could transport payload to the Moon at $6.74 per Ib. less than one quarter the prevailing airfreight charges over equivalent distance.
    A similar project is past the pilot study stage in the Defense Department.

    ARMA is now providing the inertial guidance system for the ATLAS ICBM and engaged in advanced research and development, is in the vanguard of the race to outer space. For this effort ARMA needs scientists and engineers experienced in astronautics.
    ARMA, Garden City. New York. A Division of American Bosch Arma Corporation.

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      • publiusr

        Looks to be posting some of the literature about the rocket–not the ARMA ref’

        • Scottlowther

          It was all the text off the Arma Bosch ad, which is shown in its entirety up top. So the representative from the Department of Redundancy Department’s representative was a little curious as to why the bother was taken.

  • sferrin

    I always liked this one: