Jul 302016

Not only does this Australian robot negate the need for a lot of illegal immigrant laborers, it also supplies a new, cheaper way to build that southern wall Trump is always yapping about:

This robot apparently does in one hour what a standard bricklayer does in about four. Does it cost more than four bricklayers? Well… probably. But it should be possible to run this thing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions (except for severe storms, of course). And the next prototype is supposed to do what two bricklayers can do in a day… in one hour.

I note, though, a distinct lack of mortar.



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  • Derek

    A long time ago I read in a book that Lockheed was going to build an robotic/automated factory to build the ATF which would now, I guess, be the F-22/F-35. What’s the status of building aircraft with robots? I bet Boeing would be highly interested on roboticising and automating is assembly lines.

    I bet within twenty years someone will build an fully functional automated factory. AutoFac here we come! Another of Philip K. Dick’s ideas come to pass.

    • guest

      There’s an old joke about that.

      “We tried to build an automated factory controlled by a computer.”
      “What happened?”
      “We turned it on, and it built another factory!”

  • markus baur

    well – actually it glues the bricks together .. you can see the glue application at 0:37

    but there is some possible cheating going on as well – the bricklaying machine does not have to shorten the bricks as neccessary (end birck rows, corners and such) – instead it gets bricks cut to the right length deleivered at the right moment … and it is unclear if that cutting happened before the demonstration (with the shortened brick already being in the right position in magazine) or if it happens at the right moment at tnhe other end of the machine (the caterpillar thing holding the conveyor belt at the other end of the warehouse)

    still impressive – though i would like to some concrete irons going into that wall ..

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Mortar is primarily to help spread the load and eliminate stress points, but if the brisk were made something like LEGO pieces, or glued together then you could get a similar effect.