Jul 292016

An artist used my diagrams of the Northrop Low Altitude Penetrator (a concept that competed against the design that became the B-2) to create a full-color layout. I wish I could work in color half as well…

The CAD vector-PDF, released in May:

And US Bomber Projects #2:

Which resulted in this:

The artist (Kurt Beswick) bounced an earlier version of the art off me and we discussed it for a bit. It was my opinion that a stealth bomber like this specifically designed to fly at near-treetop level (200 feet) would either be in green camouflage, or F-117 Nighthawk black. What do you think?

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  • xvdougl

    Very nice artwork. I would have to create a 3D model and render it to get close to anything like that. Nice touch to add the 509th patch in the center. I would think at that stage of the game the concept would have planned for the AGM-69A & B-61. The ill fated SRAM II must not have been far enough along to use its profile. Wonder why the B-83 didn’t make the list?

    • Kurt Beswick

      I was basing it off of the original Air Force requirements, which at the time were for the SRAM and B-61. I’m sure it would be able to carry the B-83 if it were brought to fruition, but alas this design never made it off the drawing board.

      • xvdougl

        This was my first time hearing of the LAP concept. I really enjoyed seeing your illustration. My best guess on the B-83 would have to be the airspeed limitation. I’m not sure if you’d want the exposure risk involved in a ballistic toss. The FB-111A carried it but speed wasn’t an issue for the aardvark.

        • Scottlowther

          > This was my first time hearing of the LAP concept.


          • xvdougl

            Ahem…2nd time.

  • allen

    I could see it as gloss black on the underside and flat forest green on top.

    gloss black for the same reasons they painted the old P-61’s gloss black..sure, you’d hear this thing go over your head at night..but you wouldn’t see it, or know which direction it was going.

    flat forest green (think US army helicopters) looks black in anything but direct sunlight..where it looks green. which would be exactly the effect you’d want to make visual identification from above harder.

  • Derek

    Will you consider adding more blueprint packs to sell? I’d like to see the original engineering drawings of this.

    • Scottlowther

      > Will you consider adding more blueprint packs to sell?

      Not for a while. The vector diagrams I released sold miserably; this came after the collapse in sales of the USP series, which followed the failure of APR. And as for selling Air & Space Drawings and Documents… the last time I made any of those available for sale, I sold a whopping five of ’em.

      So, it’s safe to say that apart from the APR Patreon, “unbuilt projects” are in *juuuuust* a bit of a slump.

  • David Blappy Guertin

    So I visited the website for that image. Where can we go about obtaining a hi-rez copy? I also bought your full set of Vector files when I was following links. The USBP02 I already have.

    • madoc62

      Hmmm…. is this the beginning of a model kit making process? If so, in 1/72 please!

      • David Blappy Guertin

        1/72… God’s own scale! It’s always possible.

        • madoc62


  • sferrin

    I’d think the blue & green European scheme would be more likely, with a black underside.


    Awesome rendering BTW. Does he offer posters of that thing?

    • Scottlowther

      I don’t know if he’s selling or just did this for giggles. I’ll ask.

      • sferrin

        I emailed him. He’s making prints. 30″ x 40″ 300 dpi

  • Kurt Beswick

    Hi everyone, I’m the illustrator behind this project. Yes, I would like to sell posters of this, I just need to look into print costs, etc. What would help me right now is if anyone is interested in purchasing a poster, please email me at my website letting me know you are interested in ordering one: http://www.redgiantcreative.com/contact-us.html

    I also run the worlds only “Firefox” (ie: the Clint Eastwood movie) fansite and have an illustration for sale here as well: http://thinkinrussian.blogspot.com/

  • fightingirish

    Here a drawing of the LAP by bagera3005 at deviantart.
    Link: http://fav.me/dab0dox

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    In WWII it was discovered that high gloss black actually worked better than matt black, although the effect might be difficult to recreate on a poster.

  • Kurt Beswick
  • Jonathan Scott James


  • MzUnGu

    Does camouflage pattern even matter? If aircraft ever engage each other at visual range in a furball, the other aircraft is no more than a moving dot, at 1000+ away. Unless it’s some WWI bi-planes making some slow tight turns around each other… What ever color would work just fine. It’ll just be either a dark dot againts the sky, or a bright dot against the ground…