Jul 282016

In looking up Martin Mars videos on Youtube for the immediately preceding post, a number of irrelevant videos popped up, presumably dug up via some algorithm that makes sense to somebody. Now, I’m ok with “wrong” videos being pulled up from time to time; sometimes they are interesting. But I’ve noticed lately that I seem to be getting a *lot* of whacko conspiracy vids… and especially disturbing, “flat Earth” vids. It could be some Poe’s Laws thing in effect, with people *pretending* to be flat Earthers… but it’s getting harder and harder to not just automatically assume that anyone who looks like a nut is, in fact, a nut. The video below was something Youtube thought I’d like to see when I pulled up one of the Martin Mars vids. It’s actually a little painful. And since I’m a sharing, kind-hearted guy… I thought y’all would like to experience this particular flavor of idiocy. The guy claims that not only did we not land on the moon, we didn’t put the ISS into orbit. And on top of that, there are no satellites, either.

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  • xvdougl

    So it was all CGI garbage…all this time. Every space program in the world for decades. So will you continue the blog? I guess there’s still airplanes and cats and such. What a disheartening revelation.

    • publiusr

      One more reason to get cheap spaceflight. Shoot these bastards up there–shove them out of an airlock–and see for themselves.

      • xvdougl

        I wonder what his thoughts are on the debris field from Columbia? I guess NASA used all their ill gotten tax dollars to spread it all over that area while no one was looking. I didn’t watch the entire thing but his explanation of GPS was just precious.

  • Nick P.

    I don’t have a link handy, but I remember seeing someone just as kooky who believed that nuclear anything was all just government lies to scare us into submission.

    Nuclear bombs dropped on Japan? Cover up, actually massive firebombing or a MOAB.

    Reactors? Giant resistors that energy is actually burned off in by The Man to keep prices high.

    Nutty nutty people…

  • David Blappy Guertin

    I won’t even click on a video like that and add to his view count. It should just be ignored until it goes away. Grrr…..

  • Vaughn Patania

    Truly appallingly dumb.