Jul 282016

For a mere $3,000,000, you can own your very own Martin Mars.

For sale: Biggest flying water bomber in the world

Honestly, I am somewhat surprised at the price. I would’ve thought a Martin Mars would got for *way* more than three million, even if it is at “the end of it’s career.”


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  • publiusr
    • fightingirish

      “…Coulson has a contract with International Test Pilot School (ITPS) from Ontario, Canada dating back to October of 2014. The contract is for Chinese Test Pilots to familiarize themselves with the largest float plane in the world.

      The Chinese government currently has under construction the second largest seaplane in the world called a TA 600, also known as AG-600,, which these pilots will be flying.”

      Source: http://fireaviation.com/tag/martin-mars/

  • Ed

    Always surprised me that no-one built more. I seem to recall the operator held the type certificate. Seems like it would be doable (outside the US anyway).