Jul 232016

Move along, this ain’t it.

Chatsworth church builds submarine for vacation bible school

The claim: while the submarine doesn’t have an onboard nuclear reactor, the church itself *does,* and they’re working on hooking up the reactor to recharge the batteries on the sub. As to the engineering of the submarine itself:

The submarine is made of wood and covered with a fiberglass coating.

*Maybe* they’re being cute and the nuclear reactor they’re talking about is the sun, and they’re working on setting up solar panels to recharge the batteries. But the way it’s worded doesn’t really indicate that. And there’s not a chance in hell I’d put a kid on that “sub” and try to submerge it even half an inch. It looks like an ill-constructed *boat.*

So, they call it a sub, when it (apparently) is not a sub.

They say they have a small nuclear reactor, which is almost certainly untrue.

Hmm. They’re a Christian church. I’m neither a Bibleologist nor Bibleonomist, but isn’t there *something* or other in that book that speaks unfavorably about telling untruths?


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  • Markus Baur

    Its a Yellow Submarine

    *cue music*

    “We all live in a ….”

    psychodelic church of Chatsworth?

  • John Nowak

    I’d be very surprised if it can even submerge. Those two floats for stability would only work on the surface.

  • Herp McDerp

    The submarines at Disneyland didn’t submerge, but they did have windows below the waterline. And they ran on tracks, so there wasn’t much suspense as to where they were or where they would go.

    I suspect you called it accurately by identifying the Sun as the “nuclear reactor” … fusion, no less!