Jun 292016

I was reliably informed that the Brexit vote would lead to economic catastrophe in Britain. I may have been misinformed.

FTSE 100 surges to end above pre-Brexit levels

U.K. stocks surged nearly 4% on Wednesday, helping the FTSE 100 erase all of its losses and then some in the wake of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union. …  The midcap FTSE 250 index MCX, +3.22%  also leapt Wednesday, up 3.2% at 16,002.90. But that index is still below Friday’s close of 16,088, which marked the start of a two-day rout.

British banks also bounced back up.

Huh. How about that.

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  • Michel Van

    Financial makes Britain again profit, on Financial Market not economic and Taxes
    And here it get worst far worst
    several big British Company like Vodafone, Virgin, Raynair, several banks,
    They move there Business to EU mostly to GERMANY or IRLAND
    While British banks chucks thousands jobs do Brexit

    also are foreign investors and companies leaving like FORD
    Germans Siemens shot there investment in Britain chucks 15000 jobs more follow.
    BMW demand explanation from government or they leave with Car Production Britain
    seems Toyota made similar threats..

    in mean time are increase of far right extremist attacking European citizen in Britain

    • Rick

      is everyone who pulls a gun rigs a bomb “far right”?

  • gormanao gormanao

    Well, they haven’t pulled the trigger yet

  • Rick

    only way Brexit “fails” is when the rest of the EU actively engages in economic warfare against the UK.

    • sferrin

      I’d have thought Europe would be above acting like petty, vindictive children.

      • Rick

        you just broke my “sarcasm detector” LOL

  • Michel Van

    Peter Hargreaves of financial consultant firm Hargreaves Lansdown
    pay 4 million pound in campaign for BRexit and what he got ?
    480 Million Pund LOSSES ..


  • Jandanagger Laterobinson

    It’s the short term effect of the value of your currency falling through the floor