Jun 292016


Trying to come up with a practical application of that. The best I’ve got is as a weapon. Not to set things on fire, but to blind optics and enemy combatants. Imagine turning that on and sweeping it across an attacking force of Taliban; it would cause them to duck for cover perhaps even more effectively than a machine gun. Of course the soldier using it would have to wear a helmet that completely covers his eyes; I’m think that the best approach wouldn’t be lenses that selectively block the laser wavelength, but a mask that completely cut the eyes off from the outside world and replaces it with augmented reality vision. Anybody fighting alongside this laser weapon would have to be similarly equipped.

Of course it’s so bright that the air itself lights up via Rayleigh scattering, so it would serve as a dandy “here I am, shoot at me!” beacon.

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  • John B

    I wonder what the effect of getting hit with that while wearing night vision goggles would be.

    • sferrin

      You’d have a greater chance of getting blinded by the laser light leaking around the goggles than by the goggles themselves as the displays are nowhere near as bright.

      • publiusr

        Clunky though. I’d rather have a magnetron in an old VHS camera housing. invisible beam, With a Shoe-fitting fluoroscope in another camera.

        “Yes just talk to the camera–perfect time for a filabuster.”

  • Rick

    it’s a really powerful flashlight. Or an un ignorable communication laser. If Larry Niven taught me anything its that just about anything is a weapon. My personal experience is that the opposite is also usually true.

    • Leona Deluca


  • Markus Baur

    now waitnig for some idiot or terrorist to build one of those and use it against a landing airliner

    10 .. 9 .. 8 … 7 ..

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Megawatt impulse lasers? Explosively pumped lasers? If a hobbyist can do this, what are the people with real R&D budgets doing? (For that matter, why hasn’t this guy been hired yet…?)