May 292016

Or maybe it did, in some “ironic hipster” sort of way? Hmmm…

Iraqi migrant who bought a T-shirt saying ‘I’m Muslim, don’t panic’ is hospitalised by three Islamic asylum seekers who thought he was insulting their religion 

Happened in Berlin. Two of the attackers were caught… a Syrian and a Lebanese. Make of it what you will. I’m sure some will read this news item and conclude that the message is “Hmm. Trump sucks.” Which is true, but irrelevant.

Also unrelated, this bit of news from Saudi Arabia:

Man shoots doctor who helped deliver his baby ‘because he was a man’

Mmm-hmmm ayup. Seems reasonable.

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  • publiusr

    Two headlines I want to see in my lifetime:

    Cheap fusion readily available.
    Saudi oil reserves dry up.