May 082016

Side-view diagram of a Boeing concept for a hydrogen-fueled supersonic bomber from 1956. This monster is shown to scale with a North American XB-70. More info and diagrams of this are in US Bomber Projects issue 9.


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  • se jones


    Last chance to catch The Age of Aerospace film series on May 11!

    On May 11, the Science Channel will broadcast all five films in The Age of Aerospace series, which explores 100 years of aviation history in unprecedented detail. From the Wright brothers first flight to the Apollo moon landings and beyond, the series highlights milestones in an industry defined by innovation. Woven into this history is the story of The Boeing Company. Today it stands as the largest aerospace company in the world, but over much of the last century it navigated an uncertain future through war and peace, booms and busts. The Age of Aerospace recounts the fate of a company, and its people, and the countless contributions to technology, culture, and history they have made.

    • xvdougl

      Thanks for that, just set the DVR.

      • Casandra Negron

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    • publiusr

      Missed it. This looks to have inspired Skylon.