Apr 292016

Belgium to provide its entire population with iodine pills in case of a nuclear accident at one of its ageing power plants

In short: the anti-nuclear movement has been so successful at halting the development of new reactors that old reactors have had to remain in place, serving well past their originally intended use-by date; with the result that the Belgian government is apparently in something of a panic about their reactors.

Good job, Greens. Thanks to you there may soon be radioactive Walloons running around. And does anybody know what sort of superpowers a person would get if they’re bitten by a radioactive Walloon? I sure as hell don’t.

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  • Michel Van

    Not only the greenies prevent new reactors als0 alternative energy also !
    It’s long story:

    In 1999 the National Greens push law to stop with nuclear energy in Belgium for 2015
    Until then Wind power, gas turbine and Solar energy had to replace that in 15 years
    15 years has past and ? NOTHING !
    Quite opposite the federal and Regional Greens fight harsh against Wind power & gas turbine
    with success. While federal politician come up with madness like:
    Please no Wind power, gas turbine and Solar energy in Wallonia that hampers our Tourist industry !
    And in mean time the Federal Government had other Important Issue….
    To Who belongs the Capitol Brussel ? Flemish, Wallonia, the Brussel ?
    How to hell we keep budget in balance ?
    What problems with radical Moslems ? we need deal for Brussel-Halle-Vilvorde !
    The Prime-minister sings the French National anthem on Belgium National holiday.
    The coalition talk for new National government take now YEARS instead of Days

    we reach 2014 and Some one Sabotage Nuclear Reactor Doel 3
    and incendiary the biggest transformation substation of Belgium at Namur !
    while legal authorities found no guiltily, it public secret that was Moslem Extremist
    Now had Belgium Government a Brillant Idea let get the Power from our neighbor states
    Little problem Belgium power grid is like a third world country
    with only ONE line goes to France was block to incendiary in Namur
    There were no Power station for Coal anymore what now ?
    They had Brillant idea “Let’s shot down the power grid for the Cities during Winter” !

    As that Plan became public the public outcry has harsh
    Lucky the power grind was not shutdown except series of odd blackout in Wallonia.
    Doel 3 went online in 2015 and Parlament came up with another Brillant idea
    Let’s run the nuclear Reactors 2035 including the two fubar ones !

    in men time the Terrorist attacks in Brussel happen
    and legal authorities found evidence that group show to much interest
    On Belgium Nuclear infrastructure they even worked in Doel 3
    in mean time they build new Power lines to Germany and Luxemburg
    to put Belgium power grid on level of US instead of current level of North Korea
    But the Local Greenies fight against that project
    While the two fubar nuclear reactor goes in emergency shutdown once a month…

    I Think the Best way to deal situation is to do that with Belgium politicians

  • publiusr

    “Sacre Bleu! My mustache! She will fall off!”

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