Apr 282016

That’s not how any of this works.

Athol man sues state employee citing “Law of Moses”

Because Mosaic Law says nothing about needing a drivers license or license plates, this feller believes he doesn’t need ’em and that US/Idaho laws are a “fiction.” And so he has decided to sue for $5.6 million the Idaho Transportation Department employee who sent him the letter explaining that since he didn’t have a license he didn’t have the right to drive a car on public roads. It seems, though, he’s suing in a state court, so figure *that* out.

So… sure thing, dude.

Now, I’m all in favor of people who don’t want to live under the laws of the land being allowed to do so. You don’t like it here, go live somewhere else… the universe is vast and appears to be almost entirely empty. Or use the system in place to change the laws you don’t like. But like the “Sovereign Citizen” movements (there are two… a “rural, white” version, and an “urban, black” version), just deciding that the laws don’t apply to you because you’ve got some crackpot paperwork you worked up yourself? Not gonna work.

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  • sferrin

    He should just tell them he’s an illegal alien and they’ll give him one for free.

    • Yelena Guerra

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    • guest


  • Siergen

    But…if the government is a “fiction”, then isn’t the paper money printed by said government *also* a fiction? Then why does he want 5.6 million of it?

    • Scottlowther

      That’s actually explained in the article… he wants his payout in gold and silver.

      • hlynkacg

        Lol, gotta give the guy credit there.

        • Chris Jones

          He doesn’t want credit, he wants specie.

      • publiusr

        Yes sir–could you stand right there sir. just stand right here in front of the Hummer with the active denial dish. hold it…Just look at the dish while I whip this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_bolt_pistol

        • sferrin

          Could you swing by the Hillary farm while you’re at it?

  • xvdougl

    Ok blog trolls, you gotta show up and defend this too! Tell us all about our bigoted agenda cause we find this amusing/sad.

  • sferrin

    That veggie burger add makes me think of Obamacare. “It’s going to save the average American $2500 a year. How? We don’t know, we have to pass it to find out.”

    • CaptainNed

      Check the address. Abbatoir Road.

  • CaptainNed

    Let me guess. The gold-fringed flag as an Admiralty flag plays into this as well.

  • Rick

    so how does one sue in a court of one set of laws while claiming to be bound by and beholden to a different set of laws?

    I’m losing brain cells reading this faster than listening to Trump and some wanker comedienne feud