Mar 312016

First up: the recently ended “Mythbusters” is apparently coming back on The Science Channel. Yay. But then there’s this:

the Discovery-owned cable network has greenlighted a reality competition series titled Search for the Next MythBusters, … will focus on finding an “all-new generation of myth-busting science superstars with mind-blowing build skills and nerves of steel.” It will involve both social media and stunts 

Ahhhhh…. ummmm….

A reality show, coupled with “social media.” Yeah. Sure. That will surely lead to some quality scienticians.

Well, at least they’re renweing “How the Universe Works” and “Through the Wormhole.”

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  • Bruce

    Nothing to do with this, but just came back from our local library and saw a space exhibit they
    said was going to be there and they had an actual tire taken off of the Discovery shuttle. I wanted
    to see who for the fun of it manufactured the tire and suprisingly to me it was a “Michelin Air”
    tire. I myself did not know that until now that Michelin made aircraft tires and really thought
    it would have most likely would have been a Good Year tire.

    • publiusr

      That’s not all they do either

      I don’t know that I will be watching these scab Mythbusters.

      This is all about killing wages.

      Get rid of old folks who know what they are doing.

      Hire kids who won’t ask for as much.

      Sort of like how TRU didn’t want to pay D-list comedians for new episodes of (The Smoking Gun’s) Worlds Dumbest and hired E-listers for Almost Genius.

  • John Bear Ross

    I believe Adam and Jamie were tired of working together, since they aren’t sociable off the set. Call it working relationship fatigue.

    Of course, I could stand to just watch Kari all day, so if they bring her back solo, I’m fine. Grant and Tory can tag along, if they’re not busy.

    How It’s Made is why I keep Science Channel.