Mar 292016

So, earlier today some doofus hijacked an EgyptAir flight and made the pilot take him to Cuba Cyprus, using a fake suicide bomb to do his thing. At the end all the passengers bailed off the plane safely… but one stopped to take a selfie. Most of the time selfies are just embarrassingly bad bits of halfassed photographic self-promotion… but this’d be a selfie I’d be proud to hang on my wall if it was me:



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  • TheRequimen

    That’s funny. 😀

  • Dan Sharp

    He doesn’t appear to have taken the image himself – hence, not a selfie. He just got his picture taken the old fashioned way, by someone else.

  • Cthell

    He’s now saying he did it to try and gather intel on the bomb design –

    • publiusr

      Uh huh…

      I never thought I would ever say this in a million years–but this photobombing of a (fake) suicide-belt wearing hijacker actually has me feeling sorry for a terrorist.for a change.

      I guess D.B. Cooper just wasn’t trending…

      You should see a selfie of me,Stalin and the Sixth Doctor…

      Can’t even go on a decent jihad these days…

  • Rick

    this is where the “cell phone gun” that’s the new “scaryness” would come in. “lemme snap a photo” and “wait for flash”…

    • publiusr

      You will feel some pressure….there!