Mar 292016

… the man knew how to decorate an office.

Early 60’s:


Later 60’s:


Does anyone know of a good, clear color version of just the painting from the first photo? That’s the lunar lander from the “Project Horizon” days, when the Saturn was an Army project.

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  • allen

    in the “later ’60s” picture…is that a TV screen embedded in that wall?

    if it is, that’s HUGE for the time period!

    • Bob

      Looks like a rear projection movie screen. The film projector would be on the other side.

      • allen

        that’s entirely possible. I hadn’t thought of that. makes perfect sense.

  • Bob

    My Favorite Nazi.

  • philot

    I like how the Saturn V model is so huge that it disappears up into the slot in the ceiling.

    I’m guessing the slot was for a drop down projector screen, but why have both that and the apparent rear projection screen?

    What’s the model to the left of the V-2 ? Are those in chronologic order?

    • Guest

      Pershing IA is to left of V-2. No, they’re in size order. The fact that size and chronological sorting produce largely the same ordering of the set is an artifact of mid-20th century engineering known colloquially as “progress”. This was before rapid advances in computer science and federal procurement practices negated mankind’s ability to, you know, actually get sh*t done.

      • Same Guest

        sorted by vehicle mass would be more accurate. Didn’t mean size = height. Sorry, that was confusing of me.

  • B-Sabre

    That first photo looks less like a functional office and more like a set staged to leave look like an office.

    • publiusr

      I can’t help but wonder how the Soviet space efforts would have turned out in he had been captured by the Russians instead.

      I have this notion that he might have bridged the fuel between Korolyov and Glushko.

      That and N-1 would have worked. Or the Saturn V would have had the N-1 paint job–with exposed interstage connections

  • Bruce

    I saw a video of him talking on ti and I always liked to say that he had a better command of the

    english language than Schwartzenegger even though I know that Schwartzenegger has his

    strong accent from Austria.